Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The One That Got Away

Ever look at a semi dinky zucchini and say, "Eh, I'll give that one more day"?
Then, when you go out there in the heat of the day when all of the plants are wilted to the ground and you can finally see beneath the leaves you realize you must have said that statement many times in the last few days.

I've never, ever seen anything grow as fast as squash/zucchini. I just pulled a hoard like this Monday night. Looks like we'll be roasting veggies tonight!


  1. I think that you stand there and watch them you could probably see them grow!

  2. I see zucchini bread in your future. what else can you do with an overgrown zucchini? Hmm maybe a really large zucchini boat.

  3. You could cube it, freeze it and save it for the Fall for this recipe:
    It is a yummy zucchini soup!
    I can only dream of that much squash, in the last two years I have only been able to grow 1 zucchini and this year isn't looking good either. The plants are yellow and small despite my best efforts.

  4. One more day...heheehe! My peas were like that this year. They need to be ripped out but it's too darn hot to go do it! The ones I left on there look like yellow squashes now :)

  5. They are the kudzu of vegetables.

  6. Nice harvest of zukes. We grow them for the first time last summer but pollination was a bit of a problem with the male and female won't synchronise. Yup they do grow very fast.