Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ahhh...The Beauty of Winder, GA

You know you live in Winder, GA when a soldier is welcomed home by red, white and blue Solo cups pushed through a chain link fence in the pattern of the American flag.

You know....when the sun hits it just right...it's rather beautiful, indeed.

This isn't the flag/fence I'm talking about, but it gives you the idea.

Welcome home, my friend.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What? It's November!?

I have no idea when the days started churning by, but I'm completely caught off guard by it being November already. I know it's frosted each night for the last week, but I still haven't gone out there and done my final clean up. I've neglected that garden far too long.

Last week I did manage to get out there and plant my garlic. I wonder if I can find some onions at the stores yet. I may just have to give that a try tomorrow.

Tonight, I decided it was bean soup night. It's not often we have bean soup, maybe only twice a year, but it's ggod when we do have it. Sometimes it's more like mortar and sometimes it's more soupy as it was tonight. I think it's the inconsistancy of it that keeps me from making it more often. I did manage to throw in a handfull of the dried tomatoes from this summer which is why I snapped this picture. You could completely tell when you bit into a canned tomato and when you got a dried one that had been reconsituted. They were still so flavorful! I can't wait to make more next summer.
Last night was senior night for our football players. I sponsored a player this year which meant I got him snacks and goodies for his games and wore his jersey to school on game days. I wish I had a snapshot of me in the uniform. It was rather insane. I suppose I could count myself lucky as some poor teachers couldn't fit in their player's jerseys, but I, on the other hand, wollowed in mine. My player is an offensive lineman and although he's not a big kid by any means, he's tall and broad. The jersey reached mid knee on me and was too long to bunch up and tie back. The joke was always that I could throw on some stockings and a belt and STILL meet dress code. ;)

Anyway, we had to walk our players onto the field last night and I had the kids with me. I did the best I could and broke out the masking tape and let them cheer him on as well.

They had fun on the sidelines cheering while we did our business. We got to stay for a little less than a quarter. The girl had a meltdown and it was best to remove her from the situation.

Tomorrow, I'm doing another 5K charity run with Keychains for a Cause. Christmas orders have been starting to come in already which is nice. I just cut the school a $400 check for Relay for Life in September and I'm ready to cut them another $350 check already. It makes me happy. Here's an order that went out today. The music ribbon was custom ordered for the woman. I like it!

The morning comes early - actually, it should come later, but the kids surely won't understand. Sweet gardening dreams.