Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Has it Really Been a Month?

Missing a day when you blog is easy. Then one day turns into one week and then, before you know it, one month. It's shameful. However, not much is happening on the garden front. I finally cleaned out all of the dead peppers and tomatoes. The frost got them, that's for sure. The garlic went in and I harvested another huge basket of herbs, busted out the dehydrator, dessicated them and packed them away nicely.

This weekend I pulled the horseradish. I got a lot of little roots and not much in the way of large roots, but the box was in a bad location and under surely not the best growing conditions. I cleaned up the roots with all intents on processing them, but I didn't have rice wine vinegar. The roots are now hanging out in the refrigerator until I can get to the store.

The seed catalogs are coming in and those always make me happy. I now just need to go back through my seeds to see what I still have and what I need.

My time now has been pretty much taken up by grading essays and cranking out keychains. Good thing Christmas time comes AFTER the garden has finished for the year. I'm getting some good orders in every other day or so and have been doing a lot of custom work which is nice. The business has really done far better than I ever hoped it would do. We've already exceeded last year's proceeds and we've still got 5 more months of fundraising to go before Relay for Life.

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I'm hoping to get that horseradish made up tomorrow when I get home from school. I'll try to remember to take pictures along the way!

The morning comes early. Sweet winter gardening dreams.