Monday, June 6, 2011

Time to Make the Cupcakes

Is it Chicken Little who always shouted that the sky was falling or was Chicken Little the one who kept asking people if they'd help her bake the bread? Whatever character it is, I felt like the latter yesterday. For days I had been promising the kids to make "Muzzini Cupcakes" (aka Zucchini - the girl can't say zucchini). The days got away from us as they are prone to do and we never got around to it. Finally the kids prostrated themselves on the ground and begged. No problem. We had time. I gathered all of the ingredients for Granny's chocolate zucchini cake and went to find the kids to help.

The girl was playing on the couch. "[Girl]," I said. "Come help with the cupcakes." "No thank you, Mommy." she replied, "You're a big girl. You can figure it out." I moved on to Thing 2 who was playing Legos in the dining room and in the zone. I didn't even bother asking as he wouldn't acknowledge me when in that state anyway.

It left me alone with the cupcakes...and the cupcake batter! SCORE!

They turned out excellently. Granny's recipe is fantastic. Click on the 101 zucchini recipes link to the right to see it. I added some more on there the other day also.

So, whereas I did make them myself, everyone shared in eating them and you can't go wrong with that.

They each had three right then and there for lunch and then another for dessert after dinner. I'm going to try to make a few batches so I can freeze them for the year. It's what we did last year and it worked out very well.

Here's the harvest for today. I'm thrilled the beans are starting to come in - it's good to have some variety.

Lastly, things have been quiet for a while on the Keychains for a Cause front for a while. We've gotten a few orders here and there, but nothing big for about a week until Sunday when I was contacted about making some lanyards for an administrative meeting. I used the thinner, but smoother webbing and the requested hot pink satin ribbon. They came out very nice!

They look better with the smaller 5/8 ribbon so the black shows, but the 7/8 ribbon will still fit. I don't really want to use the wider 1.25 inch webbing as it's a bit coarser and wouldn't feel good on the back of the neck. I delivered them today and they were thrilled with the sturdy webbing - so much nicer than the string lanyards that bunch up and look like dirty shoe laces. I'm thinking about putting them on the website as well to complement the keychains - thoughts?


  1. Great minds think alike, I was making pumpkin cupcakes last night LOL!

    I'm thinking later in the season I'll make squash bread "cupcakes" and try and recreate some squash bug art in frosting on the top LOL, probably only other gardeners would find the humor there :)

  2. Blech! I don't think I could eat squash bug decorated anything - EG, however...

    How's the Kindle love coming along?

  3. Funny you mention that, I just put the boys to bed and I'm fixin' to go sit down with it! Only halfway thru my first book but the rest of the week is expected to be 98 degrees so I'm sure I'll be inside putting it through the paces, I'm excited to try the book light out if I can stay awake until dark LOL!

  4. "Thoughts?" Well, yeah....I "thought" I wanted a Raspberry Pop Tart, but now I think I want a Muzzini Cupcake instead.

  5. Granny, it's amazing what they'll eat when you tweak the name. ;)

    Erin, I just got my new nook this last weekend. I love, love, love it. Start keeping a spreadsheet of all of the books you've read! Facebook or subscribe to Pixel of Ink's blog - they list great free kindle books daily.

  6. Love the lanyards. I might need to order me one. Would be perfect for my badge for work.

  7. Agreed, agreed, Liisa! If I don't have a ribbon you like - point me in a direction and I'll find one.

  8. Maybe I'll make some this year. I did plant more than one plant. .

  9. They look good! Never had a zucchini muffin before. I'll have to try them.

  10. I think that's the best part of making cupcakes...the part where you know they are being enjoyed.

  11. Lanyards=good thing.

    New nook huh? I picked one up recently as well. Like it, but have had some screen freeze trouble so my unit may be getting switched out.

    Those muffins/cakes sure look good, I will be trying that recipe this summer. Oh- and I a so proud of you for 'being a big girl and doing it all by yourself', lol.

  12. Kelly, mine freezes too, sometimes, but mostly when I push to define a word or leave my finger too long when I change the page. I just put it to sleep and wake it back up and it's fine.

  13. Yummm...they sound delicious, and I'm so proud of you for being such a big girl and being able to make them yourself! Will you save some for us?

  14. Chicken Little had falling sky. YOU were the Little Red Hen. But only for a day, because usually I AM the Little Red Hen. Still have the book to prove it.

    PS I never eat the parsley once it gets infested with Butterflies.


  15. Thanks for the 101 Recipes link - there are some GREAT ideas there. We'll be swimming in zucchini in another month (or sooner). Last year the Moosewood Zucchini Crusted Pizza was the star but I think cupcakes sound even better!