Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Working Through a Hypothesis

A few days ago, the boy came home to find this in the back yard. In perspective - you can see the other corner yard off to the right.

The boy: What's that?
Ribbit: A landing pad for a helicopter.
TB: Why?
R: It's part of your father's Master Plan.
TB: Oh.

And he left it at that.
The dog, however, eyed the bobcat with envy as it tore through the dirt and dug holes he could only dream of and lumped piles of clay in loose, lovely piles. He was in love.

Yesterday, the boy noticed all sorts of boxes in the garage.
TB: Mom, is Daddy putting in a pool?
R: Why do you say that?
TB: Well, there's boxes in the garage that say 'pool' and 'pool sand' and a thermometer and pool pump and then there's that circle in the back yard and pools can be circular. My hypothesis is that he's building a pool and that's my support.
R: What about your statement the other day that all of your friends have cooler things than you do?
TB: It's possible that was based on opinion.
R: Ya think (dripping with sarcasm)?
TB: It's possible (as nonchalant as you can get).

All it needs is to fill up and get a deck.
The man's right. The kids will surely get a lot of enjoyment out of it for a long time to come. I'll likely have to move those front two 3x3 boxes, but we'll see how it all does.

The morning comes early. Sweet swimming dreams.


  1. Cannon ball!!!!! Perfect for summer in Georgia. Have a blast =)

  2. We put in one of those when we were down to three kids living at home. It only took two years before we took it out and had a big in ground pool put in. It was great for keeping our kids home, and made them extremely popular ;-) I was actually glad when we sold the house though, as an acre of lawn, nearly half an acre of garden, house and pool maintenance were wearing me too thin. Kids loved to swim, but weren't keen on cleaning.

  3. Don't you know it, Nartaya! They're pretty excited, but it surprises me that they're keeping a lid on it. Usually it's non stop with those two.

    Granny, we'd have a good flat yard for an in ground, but this will do for us. It's much bigger than I expected it to be. As for the maintenence, the man says he's up to it. I think my neighbors are the most excited. I wish it had a "shallow end" but once the kids master swimming they'll be fine.

  4. "and he left it at that" .... ROARING with laughter! Oh my, if our two boys ever got together I'm not sure I would be laughing or completely slack jawed at what they would come up with! Loch today walked in and out of the blue asked me for some random weird supplies, I asked him why and he said "I'm building a pressure plate"... and walked out...WHAT??!

    The pool is so cool, we've been wanting to do one too, but the cost of the deck and the fact that we share a yard with a renter has me balking, I'm scared the child over there doesn't have the supervision that mine do. I can't wait to see the deck ideas and construction - super cool, mama! (and mine always say other kids have cooler stuff too, ha!)

  5. Looks like a peaceful summer is about to jump in the lake----I mean pool.
    What fun! Are we invited too??

  6. If I lived in the south I might well have a pool, but an in ground one with a deep end. Here it just isn't worth the effort. Unless you heat it all the time, you freeze your butt off. And winter is so long.

  7. Wow, that is cool...did your husband know how to do that all by himself. If so that is pretty impressive.

  8. Everyone's invited! Daphne, in a place where you can open a pool in lage April and carry it until September, it's not a bad investment.

    No, Kris, he hired someone to do it. They still have to come back tonight to finish, but I'm not seeing that happening now.

  9. OOOhhhhh SUHWEEET! Now you need a fire pit and some S'mores and summer will be complete!

  10. Awesome! Helicopter landing? I love it. How deep is this pool? I can't really tell from the picture, and I don't think I've even been in an above-ground pool like this.

  11. Barbie, we've got the fire pit back in the woods. The kids love smores.

    T2G, it's going to be around 5 or so feet deep. It's almost done filling. The water bill is going to be scary-scary.

  12. five feet! wow, that's like a legitimate pool! :) I can see why you wished for a shallow end, but I'm sure the kids will love it just the way it is.

  13. I love the critical thinking, as well as the not-too-critical acceptance of his dad's master plan.

  14. I love smores too! Can we all make smores while swimming next week?!!? hum... need very long marshmallow sticks...