Sunday, June 12, 2011


A few weeks ago, one of the man's bands played a gig in Helen, GA sponsored by US Rider News. I think I posted this picture of the girl earlier on, but we just got some photos back from the magazine itself so this gets a second post. It was HOT. GA in August hot. The stage was in the middle of the sun and everyone else was clustered in the shade which was pretty far away. Everyone except for the girl, that is....
She made sure she was front and center for every song just dancing away for her daddy. There he is on the right in the straw hat.

She danced and danced through their whole set. The magazine editor's wife snapped some fantastic pictures of the band and the girl didn't mind mugging for a few shots, herself.

She sang along with several of the songs she knew with her one hand on her hip and the other shaking a finger at the band and other spectators to emphasize her words.

The man had his time in the spotlight as well! I think they were all tickled by her enthusiasm.

The boy sat with me in the shade, although he was rather miserable as he kept saying that he was "humiliated" by the girl's dancing and singing.

My take was rather that he was hot, tired and upset people were taking her picture instead of his, but hey, what do I know.

We had a great time over all; the boy caught some much needed sleep on the ride home and the girl and I kept right along singing to the radio.

The morning comes early. Rock on, my friends.


  1. How adorable! Reminds me of when granddaughter Alicia was about three, and I took her to a Kenny Loggins outdoor concert. She sang and danced and whirled....then whirled her way right off into the crowd! I had a heck of a time trying to catch her ;-) Fun times.

  2. Yours too? How cute! My dad plays bass in a blues band, has for years, and usually if we go home in the summer we can time it with a family friendly outdoor festival he's playing at and the kids think it's so cool grandpa is rockin' out LOL!

    Reading "GA in August" was enough to bring on the start of a hot flash, thanks alot, girlfriend LOL!

  3. Such a ham! She'll grow up to be a groupie.

  4. Granny, my first concert was Cindi Lauper. My dad fell asleep. Totally uncool. One of my biggest fears is them running off in a crowd - but she was rather visible since anyone with any sense was huddled under the shade.

    Erin, The kids have only watched the man play twice - once for each band since they hardly play during the day or in family friendly environments. You're too young to have hot flashes! Stop that. Thinking about starting to try to sew by patterns. Give me strength. I've always sewn willy-nilly, but pattern sewing scares me.

  5. Ma, She's his biggest fan. ;)

  6. omg my first concert was Cyndi Lauper too! My dad took me, I even remember The Bangles was the opening act and I was embarrassed since he was so into them :) I've been having hot flashes for years, I'm one of those infertility hormone treatment circuses though LOL

  7. I took Alicia to the coast to see Kieko the whale, just before they released him into the wild. I told her to duck under people to get to the very front so she could see. When it came time to leave, she ducked under people and ran back out the "in" door, and they wouldn't let me go after her! I chewed them out and told them if anything happened to her...well, you can imagine what I said. They did apprehend her before she left the aquarium, and returned her to me, but I sure sweat that one for a while.

  8. Erin...this is just getting spooky.

    Granny, you know I would have had your back. I would have been right there behind you pointing over your shoulder and saying, "Yeah. What she said." in my biggest Billy B-A voice.

  9. That is too sweet, though as an older sibling, I can feel the boy's pain. :)