Monday, June 20, 2011

Harvest Monday - June 20, 2011

I'm so behind in reading and posting on blogs! Seems like we should all be getting some rest this summer, but I find myself more in the car than not. The garden is not being neglected...almost not. I've given up the squash bug fight. The plants are just about tapped out as it is and I certainly don't need any more. Every day last week I gave some to the other parents at tennis and I've pulled more this weekend and today. It's crazy!

This was what I pulled out of the garden on Saturday morning. I made bread and butter pickles with the cucumbers and left the squash on my neighbor's doorstep.
This was the haul from Friday, I think...

Here's last Thursday's goods.

And today....I picked my first tomatoes! I have my first two ever brandywine. Now, they're both not totally ripe, but they've started to crack, so I pulled them. The one in the back takes up two hands. We've had some fierce storms recently which likely aided in the cracking. The poor man down the road lost all of his corn in the winds.

I'll let them finish ripening on the counter. I can't wait to taste them. I hear they're supposed to be great. I did, however, find one tomato hornworm on the chocolate cherry plants and the carnage and poop evidence of another on the cherokee purple, but I can't hunt that one down to save my life. They blend in so well. The only reason I found the one on the cherry plant was because it was taunting me. I promise.

In other exciting news...well, exciting for me...I finally found the right ivory lace to start offering Osteoporosis keychains over at Keychains for a Cause. Ivory lace is the awareness 'ribbon' for Osteoporosis and I've finally found lace that's not just used as a finishing border.

The picture makes it look white, but it's ivory to be sure.

The morning comes early. Sweet tomato pickin' dreams. Hornworms excluded.


  1. Hi Ribbit,
    You had a really nice harvest so far and the one tomato is just huge.
    I can imagine very well you are getting all excited about tasting the tomatoes.
    I hope for you can get rid of the hornworms.
    Happy Gardening
    Paula Jo

  2. Yeah, the rain we received on Friday was so welcomed. I am with you, I feel like I haven't been posting much either. The heat just drains me and I don't want to do anything these days. Nice zukes.

  3. Congrats on that Brandywine! You should just let those smaller ones stay on the vine, they ALL crack since they get so massive, but it's a small price to pay for a Brandywine. I know what you mean, the garden has been a total battle so far and it seems I have a lot of running around to do and don't have as much time for it this year, or is it the weather that's making it difficult to get out there LOL?

  4. Oh I wish our garden was this far along. Your harvest looks just awesome!!

  5. So when you left the squash on the doorstep, did you ring the door bell and run? Or will they be happy with your offerings? Ha ha! You have a nice harvest. We had some nasty wind the other day too. Had to go out and stake everything up, even if it didn't have stakes before! The garden did pretty well though.

  6. HDA, we found the booger today!

    Erin, the weather is brutal. It was 82 degrees at 9:00 this morning. Terrible.

    Thanks, Alicia!

    Shawn Ann, I sent the girl with the zucchini. You can't turn down a 4 yr old girl. GLad your garden came out unscathed.