Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big x2

Last night was go-time. We decided to try the first ever brandywine. They're crazy hard to grow in GA for some reason and we failed miserably last year, but this year looks to be much better. It looked big on the vine, but boy was it really big!
Look how big it is is comparison to the boy's head (should have waited for him to know what I was doing and taken a better picture). It's huge! The tomato, that is.

I sliced it up with some olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper and mozzarella cheese and told the man to take the first bite.

The suspense was killing me. Was it going to live up to everything we'd ever dared to dream for? Did it measure up to everyone's rave reviews? I was poised for the action shot as the first bite went into the man's mouth and my camera promptly shut off for lack of battery. Nice. Anyway, it surely was different. Strange to me as I've always thought tomatoes all tasted like...well, tomatoes, but the brandywine was slightly different in a way I'm not sure I can explain. I'll try some more and get back with you. Did I like it, yes. Very much. I'm glad the plants are looking so well.

Now for the x2 of the post. There's something wrong with Big. He's been limping around since Sunday and groaning (not whining). Crazy dog just doesn't seem to care that he's a 9+ yr old Great Dane and he can't go throwing himself at the six foot fence anymore. My neighbor and I manhandled him into the back of my car - no easy feat when he can't put pressure on his front leg and the girl and I took him to the vet.

Apparently x-rays on the shoulder and leg are difficult - even more so since he's so blasted...big. He's got good range of motion in the leg so we're going to assume he either sprained it trying to jump the fence or it's arthritis and we'll treat him for that before springing on the x-rays. Poor thing is rather pathetic trying to limp around.

I'm off to pick some squash. I had nightmares last night about squash monsters. Nice, huh?

The morning comes early. Dream big!


  1. Now that's a Brandywine! I'm glad you liked it, it's the staple of my garden and canning since they are so prolific here. Give it another month and taste the mid-season ones and they'll be even better! I like mine just with some sea salt sprinkled on or with some mozzarella and basil like you did, yum! Sorry to hear about Big, I hope you can find something that works for him.

  2. Sorry to hear the doggy isn't feeling well!

  3. Sorry your BIG dog isn't feeling up to par.
    As for the Brandywines---OMG-they are my ULTIMATE favorite, and since moving to northern Michigan I have only had them ONE year out of 4. I love them sooooo much, that I keep trying. And actually hoping for a hot summer-just to give them the warmth and time they so desperately need. Lucky lucky you. And now you must guard yours, because I know you have them. Bwa-ha-ha!!

  4. I am sorry about your dog. I hope he gets to feeling better.

    I love the Brandywine! It's huge. I have planted them for the first time this year in my garden. My plants are LITTLE BITTY. And I have no flowers or fruit on them yet.

    It's cool that it tastes different than a regular tomato. Awesome. I hope I get some so I can taste it.

    I do hope to get to taste some Cherokee Purples soon. I have lots of flowers on mine. If I do, I'll post results. :)

  5. You're just a big showoff! You only posted that picture to make fun of my 2 ounce Bloody Butcher. Admit it!

    Poor Big....what happened to Gibson, did I miss something?. When our big dog got arthritis, we gave him Rimadyl, and it made a world of difference in him. He was pain free and active again. I've read of some bad side effects from its use, but our Vern had no problems. It was expensive, but I guess they make a generic version now.

  6. Brandywine is certainly a very good tomato, and i'm glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about your doggie.. :(

  7. I hope your dog gets better soon.

    And the squash monsters. Were they squash trying to eat you? Or were they monsters trying to eat your squash?

  8. Making us in NJ jealous about that tomato but we will not be far behind. I wish I had the girl in my yard to locate the squash vine borer eggs. I saw it around the garden and I just couldn't catch it. i know she left some eggs behind. - Well wishes for the dog!

  9. I'm glad to hear you like the brandywine tomatoes, because I have two coming up on my tomatoe plant right now.

    I'm so glad to see something coming up, I didn't even bother to think how they might taste.

  10. I'm glad to hear you like the brandywine tomatoes, because I have two coming up on my tomatoe plant right now.

    I'm so glad to see something coming up, I didn't even bother to think how they might taste.