Monday, June 27, 2011

Thou Shalt Not Covet

Yes, we know that we shouldn't covet. Anything. I thought it was understood that Cherokee Purple tomatoes were an exception to that rule. Who cannot covet the first ripe Cherokee Purple, I ask you. I did. I coveted. I watched it turn from green, to a tinge of pink to a glorious purple beacon in the green foliage. I harvested it this weekend only to find the back half completely eaten off by a tomato hornworm. Fool thing was still chomping on it. I introduced him to the fire pit.

MAN! I hate those things. So now I'm back waiting patiently. We have, however, harvested a few of the chocolate cherry tomatoes. They're yummy, but the skin is rather thick.

My camera isn't working too well recently so there hasn't been many harvest pictures to shoot. Rest assured that I've been picking several squash/zucchini each day. I'm thinking of pulling the plants soon and then planting more of something else in their space...but I haven't thought of what yet.

I tried to use my cell phone to snap this picture of the cucumbers and squash I pulled in the other night. We'll make some more pickles Wednesday.

Yesterday was our All in for Autism event at Wild Bill's in Duluth, GA. The crowd was light - lighter than expected, but for their first outing, it was nice. Keychains for a Cause did pretty decent business over all and I was able to cover expenses and still cut them a check for the proceeds. Here's another equally poor picture taken with my cell phone of a custom lanyard order from yesterday. He couldn't decide if he wanted the black and white skulls or the green and black, so we split the differnce. It mailed out today.

I kind of like it! I'm glad they were kind enough to have us out. I'm really enjoy working with the different groups and their fundraising efforts. I chatted there for a long time with one of the employees at Wild Bill's and how he was there working for free as well and how sad it was that so many of the others wouldn't give up their time for charity. He came back out later and gave me 10 tickets to this Friday's Bucky Covington concert which was incredibly kind of him.

The morning comes early; check your tomatoes. Sweet keychain and lanyard dreams.


  1. Is it really coveting if it is your own tomato? ;) LOL! He stole that tomato! That is sinful too! I tell ya, I do covet several other gardener's goodies! Like your cucumber and zucchini that I am not getting any of yet!

  2. Oh NO! I hate those hornworms. Here, it's been the stink bugs crawling out of cracks in the Brandywines, grrrrr! I'm going to do pickles Wed too, I'll be thinking of you! :)

  3. There's a bug for every occasion, I swear!
    The firepit is a good place for those old hornworms!

  4. ACK! Bad hornworms. Bad bad hornworms. I know they will eat things, but the first of the Cherokee Purple tomatoes is just a crime. He deserved his fate. He probably even thought it was worth it.