Sunday, October 26, 2008

How do you plan your garden?

Computer, notebook paper, graph paper?

Grasping at straws here and looking for a better way to plan. I've got it mapped out on paper, but as you know, not everything is planted at the same time and some things you plant twice or more and some will stay on for what it seems is forever and still others you plant after some other things are done....I don't know if I need to color code with dates, draw a new map for every 3-4 weeks and color code new plantings/vs old or what!?

I suppose I'm driving myself crazy over nothing, but I really want to get a better way of organizing. The man had some of my garden drawing papers in his hand and asked if I needed them. At first, I was indignant. "Of course I needed them!" I fussed, "I made specific references on them which I had changed and put new notations which weren't working so I changed them again which worked perfectly until last week when I gave up on that paper to start a new one, so I guess no. I don't need it. Throw it out."

My memory is not the best. I can't rely on keeping up with planting dates and what will be planted where when what's done just by memory. I settled on this journal. I love the hard cover and spiral binding. The pages prompt you on what to write, but the other side is blank. I can then add my pictures into it like a scrap book AND keep all of my bits of paper tucked up inside. I ever made space in the back for planting notes on different vegetables and my harvest yield.