Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Last night, the man and I went ahead and built the new boxes for my Spring expansion. This morning I skinned them and put them outside. It was a lot of fun and I feel accomplished. Now I want to plant things!!! I've heard you can plant peas here in January, but we've still got many freezes left at that time and I'm not too sure on that.

Anyway, tell me, candidly of course, what you think. No, I know it won't get the optimal sun with the huge oak looming over the area, but it's what I've got. That, and I know some of the boxes will shade out others so I'm putting larger, taller plants in back. Better a garden than no garden at all, right?

Then, I've two more boxes to stack on top of the other two boxes already in use to make them taller for carrots/potatoes etc. Those will go on as soon as I get the heart to rip out the sad looking cabbage and brussles. The dill came out last week as it turned brown with the frost (sorry, Granny...it never bloomed). I don't think the cabbage/brussles will ever be at an edible stage, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something instead of wishing the days away.
SO! Long story short. The towered boxes will be about 16" in heighth and the new ones are 12". Yes, I know it's a lot deeper than necessary, but it makes me feel better. I went ahead and lay them now being that as you can see I only had weed block and not landscaper's fabric so it won't drain as it is. I need to kill off what's below and then make some larger holes in the weed block come February before I fill them. We're also expecting hard rains on Wednesday so I can see how they drain...or not.