Tuesday, May 31, 2011


First - Erin, Blogger is still acting funky and I can't post to your comments (anyone else experiencing this?). The boy's books came in and he's got four duplicates. Want me to send them to you? He's pretty geeked up about making a 'book pal.' Three are Goosebumps and another is a Captain Underpants.

Second - Graduation is DONE! The ceremony went well and only a few parents snuck in air horns. The graduations were set right on top of each other so while we were coming in, there was one still going on. It worked, but man, the schedule was tight. We made it out with minimal mishaps - so I have to be happy. We have a fantastic faculty that really does an amazing job supporting the ceremony and the students and to pull them away from a holiday weekend makes them that much more special.

So, now I'm offically a kept woman, however I somehow feel like I'll be earning my keep more this summer than I do when school is out. I gain freedoms like going to the bathroom whenever I want, but I lose the ability to go by myself with no one offering suggestions and pointers for success. Hard thing is: I've got to find ways to entertain these kiddos. There are a few sports camps that I'll look into sending them to, but neither of them is real athletic. I wonder if there are some math/science camps in the area for the boy. I'll look into that tonight.

Last night after graduation, I came home and pulled all this!
I swear none of this was near to pulling size yesterday morning. This morning I woke up early and made a veggie pie for a morning meeting. Everyone seemed to like it. Oh! I've gotten a few more zucchini recipies that I'll hopefully get up tonight.

Yesterday I also got a Keychains for a Cause order for some 2011 keychains. Thank you for supporting my school's Relay for Life Team!

Lastly, and least expectedly, at our final faculty meeting I was selected for the Faculty of the Month award. It's my first time being teacher of the month and it makes me happy, mostly because my awesome team teacher nominated me and said some very nice things. He's in the classroom with me day in and day out and really sees what and how I teach. It's a nomination that means more in that respect than just a popularity contest. It's been a great two years working with him and I'm sad to see him go (he's moving to self contained sped).
Over all, I've had a banner couple of weeks, I'd say. Hopefully the good karma will last through the summer.

The morning comes early - although 30 minutes later than during the school year will not hurt my feelings one bit. Sweet gardening dreams.

Erin - let me know about those books, okay?


  1. Hey,
    I have been having the same problem with Blogger. Sometimes I can't post a comment and sometimes my blog followers don't show up on my page.

    Thank you for the wonderful seeds postcard. We haven't planted it yet. The kids collect postcards and I am having a hard time convincing them to separate it from their collection to plant. :)

  2. Congrats on being done for the year (for your day job). I'm having the same issue off and on on blogger. Mostly with my own blog! Now get soem rest and can't wait to see what wacky creations you make with you harvests.

  3. Congrats on the award - you certainly deserve it!

  4. I am not able to post comments with Internet Explorer at all and had to switch to Firefox which works fine but asks me for permission to pop the comment box up for every single blog.

  5. Congrats on everything. I know how you feel about the kids. Mine hated the traditional camps. But computer camp they loved. It was a pain to get them there and back though as it was a ways off. I finally convinced them to do overnight camp and they loved it. Then the camp moved and it was ten minutes from my house. But they still wanted overnight camp.

  6. Better find something for them to do, or you will have little shadows for 2 months.....little shadows saying "we're bored" and "what are you doing?" ALL DAY LONG. Ahem. Sorry.
    Enjoy the freedom of summer. AND the extra 1/2 hour of sleep!

  7. Sounds like the school year's end went great! LOL, going to the bathroom whenever you want.... :)

    Another person I follow had the same issue with blogger recently and she said she tried unchecking the "stay signed in" button and it actually worked. I heard blogger is aware of the problem, it's widespread.

    Would love to have the books, Loch would be pretty excited about that! He's read a few titles, I'll email you and let you know which ones.

    Another note: I did it! I used a gift cert we had and bought a Kindle today, yikes! As an avid "real page" turner I swore I'd NEVER do that, LOL!

  8. Congrats on your award. I can tell just from your posts that you are a great teacher. I am looking forward to zuke season up here so I can dive into all of those recipes you are compiling.

    Enjoy your team toileting (it is all I know as a FT kept, homeschooling woman). Lol.

  9. Silly me, I emailed to ask about graduation without first looking at your blog- now I understand why I only got a one line answer! Glad it all went well for you despite it falling on a holiday!

  10. And a HUGE congrats on the award!! Well deserved!