Monday, March 30, 2009

March happenings

Monday, March 30

I must say I'm thrilled with the garden expansion this year. I went from containers in the summer to two 3x3 boxes in the fall to what you see here. I still haven't filled the largest box, but the other boxes seem to be doing very well.

The dog and I had a sit down and talked about the recent rash of tomato beheaddings. Through his dumbfounded expression, I gather he feels he's just a stone-cold killer at heart, but the tomato cages I've pulled out seem to scare him enough to keep him away for now.

I've proven that growing last year's lettuce wasn't a fluke. The lettuce this year looks great and when I was thinning the red radishes, I pulled up:
IT'S A REAL, REAL RADISH!!! I was excited.
Here are some more pics: Broccoli And finally, we had our first meal from the garden. I was just thrilled. I tried to frame my picture as nicely as Granny does, but for some reason, the leg lamp just doesn't scream elegance.