Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super Bug Girl and Exciting News!

Yesterday I found a tomato hornworm on the black cherry tomatoes. I have been trying for days to find the one that's on my cherokee purple plant. I can see his evidence (poop), but not the blasted worm. This morning's conversation went as such:

Ribbit: Come on, Girl. Let's go see if we can find that tomato hornworm.
Girl: Ok. I'm good at bug finding. I find those bugs, yes I do.
R: He's on this plant somewhere. See his poop? Is that him? No. Wait..Is that?..No.
G: Uh...Moooom...he's right there.
R. No, honey, that's a leaf.
G: No, it's not. He's right there.
R: Right where? Point your finger(I think she's totally off the mark, but I'm humoring her).
G: There! Just look.
R: No, honey...get your finger closer
G: Are you CRAZY!? You look. He's right there sticking his tongue out at me.

I got down to her level and behold: There he was, just as she stated. She didn't even bat an eyelash before she found that sucker.

R: Great Job!
G: Yeah. I know. (Pause) Mom, did you know I'm bigger than a mouse?
R: Yes, you are.
G: And Slade's my boyfriend. He's cute...and handsome, too.

However, given this look from this weekend...I'm wondering who the crazy one is, indeed.
Love all of the hairbows. Eat your heart out, Slade.

In other exciting news, exciting for me that is, I just got word Keychains for a Cause has been accepted to participate and help fundraise for the All in for Autism I-Pads for Autism fundraising day on Sunday, June 26 at Wild Bill's in Duluth, GA!
In addition, all sales from the website this week will also go to All in for Autism.

I'm so excited to be able to branch out and help with all types of fundraising efforts. Now comes the problem as it always is with showing up on-site to sell...how much of what types of keychains do you make to not wind up with so many that won't sell and therefore cut down on the proceeds I'm able to donate. I'll sure add a ton of these to the list for sure:

I'm also bringing a few of the smaller Autism ribbon made into lanyards. Those should be nice.

Hey, it's not even noon yet and we're off to a great day!

The morning comes early. Sweet tomato worm finding/fundraising dreams!


  1. Congrats on Keychains for a Cause! Btw, her outfit is s Madonna.... not that she would know who Madonna is....

  2. Yeah, Nartaya, but she's missing the pointy bra. I'm not ready for that step yet. ;)

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  4. Funny story! She's doing a good job at finding those bugs for you.....

  5. Congratulations! And those hornworms are so hard to find, can you send Cyndi Lauper up my way to have a look? LOL, she's cute as a button!

  6. Love it! I could see our daughters getting along great together with all the fancy dress up!

  7. Those dang hornworms. I see evidence of them in our garden too. I hate them. Your daughter's outfit is too cute.

  8. Another great post. All it was missing was a hornworm mug shot, and the tales of how it was disposed of. Ewe. Love the girl's frankness and fashion sense, she is going to have you saying lots of prayers in 10 years! ;)

  9. Ever think about renting your daughter for bug finding? You could make a mint! ;)

  10. EG, she tries to emulate you in the bug catching. It's all..."I bet Mr. EG couldn't find this bug egg." and "I'm just as good as Mr. EG."

    Erin, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and who am I to argue. ;)

    Shawn Ann - the things she comes up with. Today we've got on too small sweat pants, a tank top, a necklace full of bling and her brother socks - inside out.

    Meems and Kelly, I thought long and hard about getting that picture, but she wouldn't stand there. I had to get the worm NOW according to her. She shot us a bird in early ultrasounds. She's kept us on our toes since before day 1.

    Samantha, she'd give EG a run for his money in bug finding, wouldn't she. HA!

  11. A multi talented, multi tasker, bug hunter, self assured, fashion horse gardener. There has got to be some kind of great opportunity for that.