Monday, September 21, 2009

Post II For the Day....Now We've Got it Right.

They've already closed schools for tomorrow (see post below). It's plenty of time to forewarn families and I can't blame them for doing so, even if it's just for rain. Apparently, the bus lots are flooded, buses are damaged and mudslides have taken out some roads to schools and major arteries in the area. There are some parts of town that have gotten 15+ inches of rain and more is expected. It's ludicrous. The back yard is flooding, but they just showed a picture on the news of the top of somebody's wooden 6ft fence just barely sticking out of flood waters.

I'm rather happy about this since the boy's come down with a fever today and now I don't have to worry about getting a substitute. I do wish, however, that I had my essays due last Thursday instead of this Thursday so I'd have something to grade. :)


  1. ribbit, are you in an area that is flooded? I certainly hope not.

  2. Would you like to grade my essays while I knit?

    Glad you're still relatively dry.

  3. Ha! Stefani, I'd help you out if I could!

    EG, no, not really. Our storm drains aren't working and there's a bit of standing water in yards, certainly in our side and back yards, but we're not sinking up to our second story like others around here. We made the national news tonight, however, now that there have been 5 deaths in the Metro area.

  4. Sorry to hear about the flooding. I bet the kids don't mind being off school though ;-) We are the opposite here, until today we had no rain for 20 days.

  5. Dan, that's one of our problems. After being in a fierce drought for 5+ years, trees are falling left and right.

    Kids are happy, you're right. I just hope we have a light winter or we'll have to extend the school year since we only budget in two make-up days.

    There's even an entire elem school under water. The only thing visible is the roof top. If you like, head to and check out some of the pictures.

  6. Ya know, it would be kinda cool if Sanford Stadium was completely underwater...hehe. I've been watching the weather channel all evening, and seen all those houses flooded up to the second level. Gosh, that's just awful!
    So....when are you gonna completely highjack someone else's comment section on their blog again? You should be ashamed!hehe....

  7. I saw the news last night and was completely shocked. How awful. Stay safe.