Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just When You'd Think They'd Gone For Good

They show up to help me pollinate those cucumbers. I haven't seen a bee out there in the garden since early July. I caught this last week in between the rains. Today I saw two out there going back and forth. They seem to really prefer the male flowers. I'm hoping they visited one or two female ones throughout the morning.
Today I spent about 30 minutes picking out the acorns from the garden. I didn't get them all, by any means, but you can see the soil again. Note to self: grow lettuce in the spring. The acorns rip them to shreds. I then ripped out the yellow pear tomato and the beans on the side yard. The yellow pear still had some green tomatoes on it, but had fallen over again in yesterday's rains. I love that tomato, but growing indeterminates just seems to hard when you aren't set up for it. I'm in limbo whether or not to grow them next year. If I do, it will be on an this year. :)

The beans all had some fierce rust and were infested with aphids and whiteflies. I got two more good meals out of them, four in all, and honestly, I'm happy I decided to put in a second crop of those pole beans. Next year, I'll do them a little earlier.

In their space, I put some red and white onion plants. I'm really hoping they bulb. I've never had onions bulb up before, so I'm anxious. I would have loved some yellow ones, but I couldn't find them. Any good uses for white onions? I've really only used the yellow.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. I guess I am thankful for no trees that throw acorns in my yard! I hope you are drying out...

  2. Bees have been at my place all season, and continue to pollinate the little flowers. I'll most likely rip several things out this weekend, myself.

  3. Bees: We had precious few until this last 10 days or so (we're in the silicon valley). We have this palm tree in our back yard and it flowered and when you come within about 5 feet of the tree you can hear this incredible buzzing noise as there are just oodles of bees all around the blooms. No, not like a swarm or anything, but when you go weeks without seeing any bees, seeing, and hearing, this many is great.

  4. Aw, poor little lettuce. I've noticed that while we had a lot of bees all season (except for a few of our hottest days) there seemed to be more dead one's laying around this year. It makes me sad.

  5. I saw a lot of dead ones too! I had never seen dead bees just lying around before which is odd.