Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Garden Blogger's Death Day....and a Conundrum

SHOOT, Shoot, SHOOT!!!!! I forgot to take pictures of the garbage bags full of the beans and tomatoes I pulled. The zipper peas are about to come out of the garden this next weekend as well. The black ants have found them and for some reason, they suck the juices from the stem of the plant and then the pod turns a yucky yellow like an old bruise and dies. Oh well. They were fun to try. I'll try to make a point of taking a picture of that carnage when I rip it out this weekend. The peas in the other corner yard are about to go as well. There isn't any sun there in the fall and winter and now we've gotten down to 2.5 hours of sun. I'll pull those plants while I'm at it.

Sooooo!!! Here's the conundrum.....when do I pull those sweet potatoes? I'm not deluded that I'll get a harvest like EG. I've tried to dig down and haven't found anything worth while, but I'm getting antsy. The low temps for the next week are still in the 40's and the highs in the low 70's. Should I call it a day and do it this weekend or wait another week? Oh the decisions, the decisions!


  1. No way! Leave those taters in the garden. You can leave them there until first frost, but make sure you cut the vines from them after frost gets them. I'll leave my remaining 2 containers as well.

  2. Really? I heard frost was a killer to sweet potatoes...even underground.

  3. ribbit - frost will kill the vines, but not the tubers. When the vines die, there's a black substance in them that will run down to the tubers - which makes them taste like crap. Mine will be dug up just before first frost. I need about 23 more lbs.! BTW....only 5 more days 'til GWAR! Yay!

  4. Sounds good. I may cut the vines and start to dig around to see what's there. I think I'm too impatient to leave them, regardless.

    Have fun at the concert and DRIVE SAFELY!