Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Harvest Monday on a Tuesday and More!

I actually have something to share for Harvest Monday, hosted by Daphne's Dandelions, even though it's Tuesday. I pulled all of this out of the garden today. Those tomato leaves are so riddled with holes, I can 't believe they are producing, and the aphid and whitefly infestation is spreading to the beans. I don't know how much those beans will produce, but I have enough now for a tiny, tiny side dish for one person this evening. I picked two zipper pea pods as well, but when I shelled them, they were still too small. I'll need to let the other pod get thicker than I would think they should be before I pull them.
On an exciting note, the cucumbers are flowering and there are a TON of female flowers. I'm just concerned as there are most certainly no bees or other pollinators out there in the garden right now. Heck, the only flying insects out there are the mosquitoes. I went out there this morning before I left for work, but it was too early (5:00AM). The flowers hadn't opened yet, so I couldn't hand pollinate. I just did it now when I came home from school (5:00 PM), but I don't know how good cucumber pollen is after the morning hours. I also can never tell if I've actually pollinated since cucumber pollen isn't like squash pollen. Squash pollen most certainly leaves a noticeable trail, but cucumber pollen seems almost nonexistent. I can only hope the ones I did this afternoon took. I'd love some more cucumbers before the frost. To think! I've got tomatoes, the lettuce is in the ground, and I may just have cucumbers. I've almost thwarted the Vegetable Gods who deem it so that you never have all the ingredients for a full salad at once!!! Who would have guessed! I almost didn't plant a second crop. I'm glad I did.
I tried to catch up with the garden this evening. We had a full but amazing weekend. Saturday, friends from North Carolina came to visit and happened to bring tickets to the NASCAR race at Road Atlanta. They were box seats and the race was a night race. I'm not a NASCAR fan. Candidly, I never understood it. You go fast and turn left. Seriously, how could you be entertained for over 320 laps of people just going in a circle. I sat in my seat at 6:20 and didn't get up until way after midnight when the race was over.

I understand now.

You can't really get the same experience watching it on the television. It can't compare. We took a blind draw of drivers. My driver went in the garage and never came out after only three laps. However, one car never came out of the garage and another went in after lap 2, so I didn't come in last, so I'm still happy. The man explained NASCAR to me as "Awe and Spectacle." He was right. I don't think I'll ever watch a race on the television, but I'll jump at the chance of physically going to another race. Thank you, Michael and Lynn!!! To make the weekend even better, my girlfriend came up from Gainesville, FLA on Monday and spent the evening with us. I feel our visit was rushed since we only had a few hours to catch up on over a year, but I wouldn't have traded it for the world. I love you, A_trox.

Today I spent some of my 22 minute lunch period catching up on my blog reading. I've been memed by GrafixMuse which is so cool! I'll post those answers tomorrow. I know I'm not posting as often now that school is in session, but I really appreciate you all hanging around for when I do.

The morning comes early, but apparently earlier for me than the cucumber flowers.

Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Hmmm, that was my thoughts exactly on the NASCAR thing many moons ago....how can this be fun?? Fast forward to several years of living in the south and attending my first race at Darlington. Approaching my car afterwards, I find 2 men throwing up on the tire and bumper of my car...welcome to the South! Obviously, I missed out on the whole "fun" part, LOL! Maybe I will try again in 30 years.... but your veggies are still lookin' good!! :)

  2. As long as you don't start watching it on TV, I think I can deal... I had the best time- great to see you all and to finally see the garden- love and hugs back!!

  3. Just getting around to catching up on my blogs, and I too, have memed you. I love reading your posts, and look forward to hearing what you've experienced each day. You have a way with words, lady. Thanks for sharing it all with us!


  4. Good luck with those cukes. I've never had pollinated a cucumber before. The flowers just seem to small for me. I've take to growing parthenocarpic cukes so they will set without pollination.