Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hard Hats Required

I don't think the pictures are very clear, but the oak hanging over the garden is laden with acorns.
I go out every day and pick up as many as I can out of the soil, but you have to wear some sort of head covering. Even a plain hat goes a long way in deflecting the blows these things administer on their way down.
My girlfriend and I actually witnessed one of those squirrels come across the screened porch and onto the deck. Today I came home and the chard in a pot had been completely dug out. It's so funny they do this only now when there are a ton of acorns lying around for food. Again, I'm hopeful that it's a seasonal thing.
I did have to pull out the lettuce I had planted. The rain and acorns had ripped them to shreds. I think lettuce will be a spring crop for me. CURSE YOU, veggie gods. You've won. ;)
I dug around in the sweet potatoes to catch a grasshopper and I actually found a fist wide tuber. At least I know I'll get one of those. I'll harvest them later next month. I'm hopefully cautious about what I'll find.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.

1 comment:

  1. Squirrels are the spawn of satan for gardeners...I won't hesitate one bit on protecting my garden with 12 gauge shotgun in hand. :-) Yay! Sounds like you're gonna have a successful SP crop.