Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

It's been raining here nearly non stop since Thursday. My cup most certainly runneth over. And the watering bucket, and the gutters, and the storm drains and the creeks and rivers.

And when the cups runneth over, the broccoli falleth over.

It will all right itself once the sun starts shining again, so I'm not too terribly worried. However, after the 2-6 inches of rain received through our area, what has me concerned are the winds. And they're coming. We've already heard on the news how trees have fallen because of the soggy ground and killed people.

What the rain has done at least, is kept my beast-of-the-back-yard at bay for a few days. Though the lettuce will right itself as well once it dries out a bit, the rain and the acorns from the oak overhead have obliterated most of it.

The zipper peas have this crop circle thing going on as well because of the winds and soggy ground.
I'm glad for the rain....cucumbers, I double dog dare you to go bitter, but a shot of sun here and there would help spur some growth.

Tuesday, you're my gal. Ask the sun to show up early in the morning, please.


  1. I hope things dry out for you! We have been inundated with rainstorms this summer too. Not the nice showers, but the 2-4 inch deluges every 2 weeks that flatten all in their path!

  2. Rain here, too....Gosh, it's really too much for this time of year. My tomatoes are cracking again, sigh....Oh well, everything else appreciates it. Wait 'til you see my sweet potato harvest from the first container planting, it's fantastic!

  3. That's a lot of rain! And wind to follow? Wow that is the worst as the ground is so saturated that sometimes trees roots don’t have anything to hold on to. Stay safe and I hope the sun shines soon.

  4. I hope you dry out and get some helpful sun soon!

    We don't get rain usually until late October. Dry, dry, dry. . .

  5. Thanks, guys! We'll dry out either Tuesday or Wednesday. This seems odd for us as well and we need the rain, I suppose. Beggars and choosers and all that.

    EG, envious won't even begin to tell you how I'll feel when I get a look at that harvest. I dug down again today and found pencil thick roots about as stubby as my finger and mine have been in the ground longer than yours. We'll see. I'll likely dig them up in the next two weeks or so.

  6. ribbit - the harvest amount was quite unexpected, and I'm sorry yours haven't done well....Maybe they didn't get enough sun?