Monday, September 28, 2009

Onions go in!

I mentioned yesterday that the beans and yellow pear tomato came out of the side yard. I was so excited to see a long squiggly worm come out of the ground along with the tomato roots. I've never seen worms around here, so this was exciting. I only hope I find a lot more when I till up the beds in the corner yard and other corner yard.

After all the debris was gone, I stuck in some onion plants and watered them in. They've lasted in this one place for 24 hours, which is good for around here now that the monstrous, mythological, veggie eating, abomination has laid claim to the garden. Of course, now that I say this, the plants won't last much longer, but I'm hopeful.
I can't keep up with the acorns falling in the corner yard. I'm thinking I'll have to get out my little rake and rake them all to one part of the bed and then scoop them out. The oak, my nemesis, is dropping buckets of acorns a day. There's one branch that's just about overhanging the house. I'm hoping that this winter we'll shave off that branch. Yes, it may give me 30 min. of more sun and maybe only a half a bucket of acorns next year, but since our recent bout with black ants (did I ever tell you about it?), I've heard that we need to remove all overhanging branches. I'm telling you, three years ago when we bought this house, that tree was far from us. Those branches have grown incredibly large, incredibly fast. I don't know why, but I always thought oaks were slow growers.

For Daphne's harvest Monday, no pictures to report, but I have pulled 7 tomatoes and a handful of banana peppers this past week. There's not enough tomatoes to can, so it looks like tomatoes will be going in everything for the next week!

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. That's funny, I bought onion sets and planted some today - myself. I also bought some seed (supposed to be vidalia)that will be planted in containers pretty soon.

  2. We have only been in our house a couple of years too. And we have an Oak that is dropping accorns this year there a reason you have to scoop them all up? Will they not just decompose or get eaten by squirrels and chipmunks? We have lots of nemesis trees! Some of them home to ant nests...yuck!

    I hope your onions make this the right time to plant onions? I had some growing during the summer but they don't look too big. Maybe I am planting at the wrong time.

  3. Your onion bed looks promising. Are they bulbing or green onions?

  4. MMMM...gotta love Vidalia. There's just something in the soil down there. Did you know that if the onion comes from somewhere else rather than Vidalia, Ga., that it can't be called a true Vidalia onion?

  5. Shawn Ann, I figure I need to because they're all falling in the SFG beds and I didn't want to cause havoc by either them germinating or the squirrels digging them out in the spring/summer. Onions can go in here either in spring or fall.

  6. Dan, they should be bulbing...however I've never had bulbing ones work for me, so we'll see.

  7. Cutting that branch off sounds like a wise choice.

    I hope those onions aren't favored by the mythic beast. It's starting to sound like a Wallace and Grommit movie.

  8. Yeah, they kinda got the copyright on the "Vidalia" name. I hope these are as good as they are, as we'll find out next spring/summer..

  9. After reading your post, I did some searching to see if you could eat your acorns... YOU CAN! How neat!

    I found an interesting recipe here...

    And a way to blanch the nuts here...

    Your post also reminded me of a post by Amy over at Tales of a Transplanted Gardener on protecting her plants from hail. HAHA