Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letting Things Go and Celebrating a Victory

I got home this afternoon to find that the bed with the half destroyed radishes (see picture two posts down) completely emptied. There is no sign that there was ever anything planted in that bed. Something got it all and got it all without remorse. I'm not going to replant the box as it's one that does not get sun in the fall and nothing would get a chance to mature since the sun exposure is already cut to 3-4 hours as it is. I'm going to just let things go and either raise the bed next year or make a cover for it.

The kids at the school had their moment in the sun today and they had an absolute blast. The pep rally was filmed by one of the major news stations and the football team was presented with the "Team of the Week" trophy, an honor we've never had before.

I'm so proud of my seniors. The jrs started chanting something ignorant during one of the commercial breaks and instead of letting the jrs bait them into bad behaviour, they turned the chant into something school related and the jrs followed along. I'm very proud of them. Not that you'd want to see the film, but I figured to put the link in, in case you're bored. ;)

Click here to see the celebration!


  1. Wow! It is difficult to fight an enemy you cannot see.

  2. sounds like you need a nanny cam in that garden!!!!lol!

  3. Dang....that pest isn't playing around! I bet squirrels or birds....

  4. Don caught a few bunnies red-handed yesterday munching my radishes. I wouldn't think they would eat those-they're so hot. Next year, there's going to be a line of chicken wire at the base of our fence. No more Mr. Nice Guy!
    (or gal!)

  5. Wow. I second the garden nanny-cam. Now that would be a business to go into. Hiding cameras in gnomes so gardeners could see who's chomping up their gardens in the wee hours of the morning. LOL.

    When I was a freshmen in H.S. eons ago the only thing I remember about the pep ralleys was that 1) the freshmen had to sit in a separate seating area from the sophomores, juniors, and seniors and 2) due to the freshmen being separate, the only chant that we heard was "freshmen suck" over and over again. It was a joyous year - LOL. I stopped going to pep ralleys after my freshmen year. They were such a downer LOL

  6. Ok....I was bored. That was really great on the pep rally! The announcer was good. The ones around here are very low key..."congrats. here's your trophy. I got another gig" kinda thing. I couldnt really make out the winning play too well but they looked really excited!

  7. Dang garden pests.

    Good luck in your constant fight!

  8. Whatever it is got my beets and severed one broccoli and stems off of the others last night. GRRRR. This never happened in the spring and summer.

    I may take to playing a radio out there to see if it scares away anything.

    The peprally was fun. The announcer was the television news lady, and as you saw we were divided by class. The play was rather grainy and you couldn't see the ball, but you could see the hit that left the kid on the ground even as our team stormed the field. When I congratulated the kid on his block (the one on the news film), he said, "Yes, Ma'am. I tried my best, but I think I hurt that kid." Very humble and concerned kid, that one.

  9. Me again :) I have tagged your blog for a "Meme Award." Thank you for your inspirational blog and kind remarks over this past season!