Thursday, September 17, 2009


Seriously, now. Is nothing sacred anymore? This was in a pot and on the raised deck. The intemperance of this rotten, veggie eating monster astounds me. The only way to reach the deck would be to climb the blasted stairs and walk across the railing, unless it's a bird, which it might be. Precocious little snot.

*sigh* Scrap the whole pot? or do you think it will mend itself? I've never grown chard before to know.

Not only was this devoured, but I came home today and a bird was spooked out of my radish bed and a lizard crawled back into the sweet potatoes.

Please let this be a seasonal thing. Please let this be a seasonal thing. Please let this be a seasonal thing.

However I'm sure it's not. Time to start thinking of Spring measures that won't be to heinously ugly or expensive.


  1. Could be a number of things....squirrels have just recently found my paste tomatoes, as there were about 4 half eaten fruit laying beneath the plants. Several holes were dug in the flowerbed, as well. As cold weather nears, I fear the activity will only progress.

  2. Isn't it irritating when things like this happen. This morning I found my sungold tomato plant & eggplant laying flat on the ground, raccoons I think. Then this evening the squirrels snapped off my sunflowers and ate the undeveloped seeds. I've just come to the conclusion that I can beat these creatures, I just hope I harvest more then they do.

  3. Are you kidding me! On the deck?!?

    I agree with EG, it sounds like squirrels or maybe even chipmunks. I hope you can figure something out.

  4. But a little cone of screening or hardware cloth will stop both squirrels and birds. Chard will mend, really, it's the zucchini of leaf vegetables.

  5. Dan, you're right. I just can't imagine why they didn't start this earlier...not that I'm disappointed, that is.

    Grafix, I'm now even more perplexed because I've realized the only way to the railing for a squirrel would be to climb up and across the screening of the screened porch. We had the gate on the stairs shut....either they scampered up the wood or across the porch.

    Stef, it's times like these that I wished I didn't build long boxes or put them in the shape that I did. It's not going to be easy to cover them.

  6. You're still getting attacked? Goodness. I'd be sitting there with a shotgun......
    It's odd you didn't have trouble in your spring garden.
    Hope you "get" it, whatever it is!

  7. Sue, if anything you'd assume I WOULD have had trouble with the spring garden, like you say, because that's when food is scarce. Now, there's so many acorns they're ripping my lettuce to shreads as they fall.