Friday, February 25, 2011

Watch Out Harvest Monday. Here I Come!!!

One day soon, you will again be seeing me on Daphne's Harvest Monday. You can count on that. It's been a long, hard winter, but we've had such good weather recently that things are flushing out. I'm terrified, however, that a late cold snap like we always seem to have will wipe out all of my hopes and dreams of an early spring, but we'll play it by ear.

So far, the onions are looking great. If you can look between the black containers you'll see some planted broccoli. The front most container has celery in it, which I've declared to be the SLOWEST growing stinkin' veggie ever.

The lettuce has been transplated and loving its location.
I've got three garlic beds. This one is doing well.
This next one is doing well also, however it's the one in the other corner yard that keeps getting pilfered by rogue animals. This is the first time I've planted hardneck garlic. How will I know when to yank it?
Last year I had so much success with the potatoes in containers that I thought to try again. I've moved the location to behind the fence because they were all just unsightly in the front yard. They haven't gotten above the surface of the soil yet, but hopefully they will soon.
The girl saw and wanted purple potatoes, so I dug a furrow in the mid corner yard's beds and stuck them in there. Those, as well, haven't done anything worthwhile, so we'll see how they do given a few more weeks.
The cabbage can't be left out. It's coming along just fine as well.
As many of you know, my other venture that I'm absurdly passionate about is my side venture, Keychains for a Cause. So much has happened with the small business in the weeks following Christmas. Proceeds of the sales of the keychains go to support my school's Relay for Life Team. Since July (Granny was our first customer and started our ball rolling) we've sold 267 keychains. Not bad for a word of mouth business. We're donating 10 keychains to our school's Learning Center to give to students who were failing 2 or more classes and brought their averages up to a C or above! We've also added a ton of new designs including:
The teal ribbons for ovarian cancer awareness among other causes,
Red ribbon for AIDS and heart disease awareness among other causes,
Rally ribbon - who doesn't love a good race...and...if you look closely enough at this picture and the next....
Yes, I got my embroidery software back!
I'm not a super-stud with the embroidery, but it can be done now.
We also added three different kids of cat/dog ribbon and another horse pattern.
So, in my best efforts to pimp myself out, head on over to Keychains for a Cause and click on the 'order your keychains here' link on top and support our Relay team and get awesome keychains in return. You can also 'friend' our Facebook page and get all of our updates.
The morning comes early. Sweet fund-raising, gardening dreams.


  1. Those onions do look great! I was late last fall getting them in, so mine are as if I had planted them in January, about 4 inches high LOL

  2. Well, you've certainly got a jump on things by the looks of everything. I'm like you - hope a last minute freeze doesn't wipe everything out...

  3. Things are really getting started in your garden! Mine is covered in snow and ice for at least the next 6 weeks. I've never grown broccoli. Looks interesting! What do you use for insecticide if anything?

  4. Usually I just hand pick, Cindy. If I need anything stouter, I pick my battles, but try to stay away from the harsh stuff.

  5. Still tapping my fingers, and impatiently waiting for planting time here. There's so much to do, but it's too cold to do it. Next week, maybe.

  6. It looks wonderful. I'm hoping for that early spring too. It doesn't look promising though.