Saturday, February 12, 2011

The World According to the GIrl

As we were getting dressed this morning:
"Well...I love Pilgrims, but if the Pilgrims were at the pizza store, I wouldn't talk to them because they're strangers."

It's only outdone by her telling me a while back, "'re beautiful *pats my shoulder.* Just like a big, fat cow."

Heading out today to get some compost to amend the beds. Weighing the options of tilling up the beds and hopefully getting some of those possible bug/SVB eggs in the soil good and busted up and the possibility of also chopping up some of the worms I thought I've seen recently.

Tomorrow should find me transplanting some of that lettuce and broccoli and cutting the potatoes to plant in pots since that worked so well last year. It will be good to play in the dirt again.


  1. We lose child innocence as we get older.....

  2. Very true, Bangchick. Very true.

  3. Kids are so funny! Funny like cows... :)

  4. Ha! Take comfort in the fact that Granny thinks cows are very beautiful creatures ;-)