Sunday, February 13, 2011

Off We Go!

Purple potatoes are in. Yellow potatoes are chitting on the counter. Lettuce and chard are planted. Broccoli and cabbage are nestled quietly.

Tomato seeds will get started tomorrow and possibly even the squash and zucchini since I got so wonderful of a head start on them last year I might try it again. The rest of the compost placed in tubs for distribution throughout the season.

Man, I forgot how much I loved spending the days outside. Now if only we could make this last and forestall the deadening heat of June and July, I'll be a happy girl.

The morning comes early, and we're gardening again, my friends. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. I agree, hold off that heat for a while. I was thinking about starting squash early as well.

  2. That means about 3 more weeks for me to get mine started! Hope all your tomatoes germinate well and are very healthy - I'm hoping for a stellar tomato year, the past 2 have been not so great here :)

  3. Happy to see you gardening again, friend! It feels WONDERFUL doesn't it? Just remember, in 6 months we'll be tired of it again. ;-) But for now it's fanfreakingtastic!

  4. Great to see you at it again. Ain't spring wonderful! Potatoes are out this year, but carrots are a staple in the kids diets.

  5. Well, I'll just have to bask in your glory for another month or two. I think I'll just take a looooong nap, and wait for spring to arrive. By the looks of my garden spot, I'll need to rest up for the job!