Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spreading the Fever

The weather has just been uncanny recently. Today I took advantage of that and me, the truck and trailer went to go fetch a load of compost and help my girlfriend make herself a super-awesome raised bed garden. The man helped fetch and tie down the compost and then I brought it to her and we unloaded the sucker. I think it's going to look great once she gets it planted!

Here's the whole corner. She's got two long beds and one square one in the middle.
Close up of one of the long beds:
and here you can see the back bed and the large box.
Do you see where it's all located!?!? In the corner of the yard. That's right! It's the other, other corner yard that my super abilities to plant suggestions in others' minds that led her to put the boxes in the corner yard. Corner yards ROCK!
Here we are enjoying the fruits of our labor. This is my girlfriend:
And here I am enjoying the sunshine.
It was a good day. Now I'm ready for a bath and so are the kids.
The morning comes early. Especially when the kids for some stinkin' reason decide to wake up earlier on the weekend than they do on the weekdays. They complain when we wake them up at 5:45 AM, but on a weekend, let's all just hop out of bed at 4:20, no problem!
*sigh* Sweet gardening dreams. ;)


  1. Yay for the bare feet! Your weather today is supposed to be here for tomorrow, I can't wait to get outside.

    And YEAH! - what's up with those kids? Mine are the same way LOL!

  2. You ladies definitely got some hard work done. They beds look great!!

    Doesn't it feel good to do some dirty work and sit outside in the sun???

  3. ooh, how exciting! Nothin' like a new pile of dirt in a square box to get the gardening pulses going.

  4. And thank you SO much again for the amazing help- could not have done it without you!!! Can't wait to get planting next weekend (after this relatively cold week we have in front of us)!