Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Can't Miss This!

I recently entered a contest for a most awesome hand made skirt from Jilly B's. I couldn't believe it when the contest entered and I won. The link is to their facebook page and from there you can find photos of their clothes. I've never seen more creative, personal and outstanding service from a company before. We won the contest just a few days ago, and today in the mail was a skirt that perfectly fit the girl. She thought it was the most beautiful thing she's ever seen.

Now I plan on challenging you. This is the awesome skirt we won, but the leggings are terrible, so take this awesome face....
and put it on this body that shows the awesome skirt and we have an awesomely-lucky and happy little girl.
And because the boy felt left out, here's one of them both. Take the good boy face from a few posts ago and we'll be good for this one.
She loved the skirt and its playful yet sophisticated style (ok, those are my words, but you get the point) so much that I plan on contracting with them to make a grow-with-me dress with buttons on the straps. This summer she can wear it as a dress. Next winter I can layer it with a shirt, and then as she grows, it can become a shirt that she can wear over leggings or jeans. It will be just fantastic.
WooHoo for Jilly B's and their JillyBrand!

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