Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cross Post for the Keychains!

I never would have thought my side venture, Keychains for a Cause, would ever be doing as well as it is. We've now actually found ourselves selling a lot of keychains as birthday party favors! We did a horse themed party, a princess party and a sports party for children. The parents got a reduced price since they ordered so many and the kids all got key fobs to hang on their book bags. Very cool idea. I've also sold several to give to kids to hang on their bookbags as Valentine's day presents as well.
Just picked up some more ribbon for keychains that are now available for pre-order and thought to cross reference them here.
The horse ribbon we had sold out, so I ordered some more: I just couldn't pass up this paw print ribbon that's good for both cat and dog lovers. I just adore how the flower's face is the paw print.
Cat ribbon has been requested a few times, so I ordered two different prints:

I'm very excited things are progressing the way they are. Thanks for your support and help in spreading the word!

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  1. Your ability to find time to do everything you do always amazes me. You are so very enterprising. I love the new ribbons, and love the idea of giving the keychains as party favors.