Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why AREN'T You Getting Anything Done!??!

We've talked here about addictions before. Pesto, lately, seems the latest thing I've needed a twelve step program to come to terms with and so far, I've done a good job of limiting myself, namely because there isn't an unlimited supply and I've become too much of a pesto snob to eat just any pesto so I've been cutting chunks off the pesto block I have at a very, very slow rate.

Then.....there's the Nook. I love to read. I always have, but I've been tempered in my obsessive need to read by library hours, the relative location of the library and then children. Children and the library work great when you know what you want, put it on hold and get in and get out. However I have children who pull every book off shelves or won't stay in the children's section and insist on following you through the library yelling, "Who's that woman on the cover? Why does her face look like that? Mommy!? Why does this book show a picture of a dead person?" (I was checking out Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. GOOD BOOK. VERY GOOD BOOK!) They're getting better, but I still can't peruse the shelves like I am wont to do.

I've also mentioned that in late November I bought a NookColor. I waffled so much between the Nook and a Kindle that the Man bought me a Kindle in late December. Both have a ridiculous amount of free books available on them not to mention sites like smashwords for free books and conversion software for the Kindle to get greater access to free books and I now, literally, have 41 books still needing to be read on the Kindle and 34 books needing to be read on the Nook, none of which are repeated.

Now, I know Daphne, among others of you, have a Kindle and love it. I just love mine too, but the Nook, I must say is more of an enabler because I can check books out of the library from my own computer in my own house whenever I want. "Get out of town," you say, "The library? More Free Books?!!?" Yes, and in your underwear, no less.

Yeah. This isn't going to end well. Since late November 2010 I've devoured 120 books/novellas. Yes, I keep an Excell spreadsheet. This isn't even including the number I still have in my "To Be Read" que on each device.

I often think to myself, self...don't you think that time could be spent more constructively? Then I look at the boy who is reading fouth grade books in the first grade and the girl who recites books she's memorized and enjoys "reading" them to me at night and respond that not only is imitation the best form of flattery, but reading comprehension is the skill that will get them the farthest in life whether it's discerning how to conduct a major surgery via medical journals or a manual on how to swap out my spark plugs. Whatever course these children choose in life, they'll comprehend it because they're readers.

Or maybe that explanation just makes me feel better since I'm knee deep into a book I'm reading, there's dishes in the sink and I'm more prone to ignore the second than the first.
The morning comes early...and you can read all night long. The laundry won't mind.


  1. You and me both, sister. Of course, Ravelry eats some time, and knitting, and feeding the crew. . . the garden is so far down on the priority list it's not funny.

  2. I have a Kindle reader on both my Droid phone and my iPod Touch and have been devouring many books as well. I love this method of reading for many reasons: You always have a library of reading material if you are early for an appointment, you don't need a light when reading in bed at night (less painful when you fall asleep and the book falls to your chest too), and there are no books to rearrange in alphabetical order by author on book cases (lol!).

    However, I do miss browsing the bargain bin at the bookstores and discovering a new author...but I guess the free books available are also a way to branch out and find different authors as well.

  3. Thank goodness, Stefaneener, that when gardening is in full swing, I'm off work, so I'll likely have more time.....if I don't accumulate more books.

    Grafixmuse, I have found SO many new authors and moreover so many new generas that I wouldn't even have dreamed picking up if they weren't free just by using the e-readers. They've really broadened my reading base more than anything since I don't have the patience for those bargain shelves. Yes, I know I spent more on the e-readers than I would have in books in multiple years, but they're so worth it!

  4. I love love pesto too. I only wish I grew more basil last year so that I could make more basil. Not making that mistake again, This year I plan to grow a bunch of basil for pesto to freeze. My husband has the Kindle and loves it. But I really want to get the Nook! I like that it's in color.

  5. I seem not to have any time to read now, not a book anyway, I am trying to work through the book I got for Christmas but I almost have to force myself to sit still that long and read, and it is a good book too..

  6. I'm with you & Stefaneener, there is not enough time! With school now, I've taken to going to the library by myself (NICE) but then I have to randomly choose stuff for the kids. It's nice not having to keep track of them there, but then I get home and Loch is soooooo picky - "why'd ya get THAT? I don't want that, I toooooold you I wanted a book about CHESS"! You can't win... I still haven't tried any of the readers, although hubby wants one for his next deployment. The garden? Oh yeah.... I need to start seeds like yesterday.... :)

  7. Hehe- Gave into the boys wish for a Kindle for Christmas knowing full well that he will not use it much and it will be MINE - oh yes, it will be mine! Meanwhile I use it when I want and have the reader ap for my PC, netbook, and phone. What could be better. All the classics waiting for me. Not to mention that the Ball canning book was only $1.99 in December. LOL.

  8. Psstt... there is some frozen pesto still in my freezer- dinner soon? And, read over dishes any day!