Saturday, November 27, 2010

Then the Leaves Fall

The man and I were remarking the other day how odd it was that all of the leaves were still on the trees this late in the year. 24 hours later, all of the leaves, in unison, decided to fall. Our back yard went from green to this in under 30 minutes.

I love the way the trees just 'know' when to shed their leaves and one tree sends the secret signal to the rest and it's game on. It's a conspiracy to leaf rakers everywhere, but a beautiful sight to watch the leaves lazily making their way from treetop to ground. It's been 3-4 days since I took this picture and it's even more covered now, but it's rained a bit, so it's not as inviting anymore.

I've been remiss at posting this last week. I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving as we did. The broccoli didn't head up large enough to eat, but I did pick a bowl and a half of peas that we used for shelling and as appetizers. More carrots were picked and set out as well. It was funny to watch people eat the orange ones first then hesitantly moved to the white and purple, but the only one enthusiastic about them was the boy. Some family members ventured to the white carrots, but more kept eyeballing them and asking what was 'wrong' with them. ;)

I also had enough sweet potatoes left to make the sweet potato dish, only to find out the man and I are the only ones who eat them, but they sure were good!

Instead of a pumpkin pie, I tried a friend's recipe for a pumpkin 'cake.' It darkened up after I took it out of the oven and was very sweet, but obscenely good. I think next time I'll leave out some of the powdered sugar in the filling mix, but we'll certainly make it again.
Keychains for a Cause is trucking right along and we'll hopefully pick up some steam with the Christmas holiday coming around. This is a custom order I had for a women's group. I got an email asking if I could do their group's colors (yellow with white stars). Sure! No problem.
We also got two more collegiate ribbons in - Duke and The University of Maryland. Go Terps!
When it comes time to fill those stockings, don't forget us!

The morning comes early. Especially when your girl decides to sleep in your bed and talks in her sleep and spends the whole night patting your head and calling you a "good dog." I suppose it's better than "big-fat momma" which she called me all day Thursday. Sweet fall gardening dreams.


  1. You two were the only ones to eat that sweet potato dish? I would be all over that, I love sweet potato. Yum.
    We have so many leaves outside too, but it rained heavily the other day, so I am waiting to rake them up. It's a wet mess out there.

  2. The leaves all rained down in our yard over the last few days, too. It has been beautiful to watch, and I am looking forward to the exercise of getting them raked up to use as compost and mulch.

    I'm glad to hear that you had a nice Thanksgiving, too. It's great to be able to use food from the yard in the big harvest holiday meal! (My kids don't like sweet potatoes, either. They are all for me and Joe.)

  3. The broccoli didn't form nice heads? What a bummer....However, that cake looks fantastic!

  4. I wish our leaves would fall like that. Usually it takes weeks. So you have to keep raking. At our last house we had some oaks that kept a few leaves through the whole winter. They would slowly lose one or two. It was a PITA. I'd love your trees.

  5. I want leaves, to make leaf mould. Damn, I need some trees.

    Good dog? I'll try that with Mrs IG, see if it annoys her. I have to keep ahead of the game.

  6. My son has been staring at the falling leaves for awhile until one day he woke up and stared at the window: "MOM! The leaves are all gone! It must be winter!"

  7. That cake looks yummy, funny how the leaves fell all at once!