Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Sale and Advertising That Can't Be Beat!!

We hit the Wally World today to do some grocery and clothes shopping since the girl and boy both decided to grow without consulting anyone. We also happened upon a 90% off Halloween sale that was STUFFED with costumes in the boy and girl's sizes. The boy got a ninja and Darth Vader costume for a whopping total of $3.50 and the girl a girl Robin costume and a Yoda which went perfect with the Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker that the boy actually was for Halloween for just about the same amount.

Here's my point....all football season this girl's been singing this song of hers she's entitled "Georgia Bulldogs to the Rescue." The refrain is simple, yet pleasing:

Georgia Bulldogs
Georgia Bulldogs
If you need help call
Georgia Bulldogs to the rescue!

It doesn't deviate from the course...ever..not even in her fifty billionth recitation.
So here I am playing at my sewing machine and making up some UGA keychains with real, official ribbon I found (GA Tech, Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, USC and Illinois coming soon), and I hear her singing the song with the jingling of a keychain in the background.

So, here she is in her Robin costume glory singing our new, completely unsolicited Keychains for a Cause theme song. However, she's sideways and even though I save it rotated, it won't transfer here as such, so try not to crick your neck.

So, here they are....the two new Georgia Bulldog keychains to the rescue!


  1. OK, I am, dying laughing right now...

  2. Wow, those costumes are so inexpensive!
    Georgia Bull dog!! So cute.

  3. Sorry those Ga. keychains are UGLY!!! War Eagle!! Traci

  4. Traci, although I fully expect the Dawgs to lay down and roll in the grass on Saturday, the Auburn ribbon arrived today for those keychains and they'll be up for sale tomorrow.

    I tried to find ribbon for most of the SEC, but I jutds couldn't pick up the FLA. It made me physically ill. ;)