Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The kids have the day off today from school because of election day. The boy is so geeked up about his blog and all of your comments that he's asking every hour to check his email for comments. He's just thrilled that all of the names he recognizes from this blog have come to visit him there. He's even taken to taunting me that he's more 'popular' than I am which is just fine with me. Thank you all, family and friends alike, for helping to encourage him. Once we learn to type a bit better, I'm sure his posts will improve. The hunt and peck system gets a bit frustrating for him at times.

Anyway the kids are home today and this is the first day it really feels like fall. Temps have still been in the 70's during the day, but today we're in the 50's and it's completely cloudy. I'm so ready for it to be fall! The last few nights have been very, very cool and the broccoli seem to have just exploded with the cooler weather! I took this picture yesterday when it was sunny and they looked fantastic.

I promise they weren't this large the day before yesterday. I was beginning to wonder if they'd ever grow and then WHAM! They're monstrous.

Well, EG....Here it is...and I'm going to say it...ready? ...WAR EAGaaggghhhch..hold on, I think I just gagged. Okay....war eagle. There. I said it. All joking aside...I'm more than happy to make whatever keychains are custom ordered, even if they are rival team colors like this Auburn one. Besides, this woman also ordered two University of Georgia keychains so the good ole' Dawgs outnumber the Auburn one. It's all good. ;)

The morning comes early. Sweet fall broccoli and football dreams.


  1. where's all the holes in the broccoli leaves LOL? Mine look terrible!

  2. Well, it's great that the little one is having fun blogging....Bring him up my way, and i'll teach him how to chew tobacco, too! Haha...

    Ok, the keychain looks pretty good, but i'm not too fond of the "War Eagle" that's typed so small that nobody can read it. Sheesh! You think that's funny, don't ya? Maybe it won't be so funny come Saturday-week. Yeehaw! Lights, Cameron, Action!

  3. SSSSSHHhhhhhhhh!!!!! don't tell them!! They'll hear you!

  4. EG, I've got no misgivings about what's going to happen when y'all wipe the field with us and smear torn scraps of our skin on the bleachers, but I have to keep the faith. ;)

  5. Your broccoli looks great! I hope you get lots of harvest from them this fall. Too bad we couldn't hook up about your extra garlic this year, I would have loved to have bought some off your hands!

    I think your boy and his new blog are totally awesome. I can't wait to see how he progresses as a blogger! :-)

  6. I think I've developed a case of broccoli envy. I really miss it in the garden this year. I want broccoli.

  7. That is some fine looking broccoli!