Friday, November 5, 2010

Erin Started It...

Once upon a time in a land far, far away (ok, it was somewhere around 1997 and we lived in Hinesville, GA), there lived a young woman who was tired of sewing all of her crafts by hand so she invested in a cheapo, lightweight, insignificant, good for nothing, poor excuse for a sewing machine, sewing machine. I knew how to use it. It wasn't my first rodeo with a sewing machine but within the first week, that *$&@^ thing was going to be chunked out the door. It got relegated to a closet where it only rarely and begrudgingly saw the light of day. I toyed with the idea of leaving it in Hinesville when we moved, but it made nice, gave me puppy dog eyes, and it came with us. "Sucker," you could hear it sneer.

I'd always wanted a sewing machine that would also embroider. A machine that was REALLY a machine and not just a "poser." I watched Ebay for months and decided on an old Babylock Esante (ese) that had been computer upgraded to an ese2 in order to manage the big embroidery hoops. I was so nervous buying something of this size off Ebay. What if it didn't work or got damaged in shipping?

No need to fear. This Cinderella found her glass slipper. I've used it for going on 7 years now and I wouldn't trade it for anything. She's carried me through an uncountable number of embroidery projects and is now the cornerstone of helping me through with the keychains.
She's a super stud. For the moment, as embroidery has given way to keychains, her embroidery arm is stowed on the floor next to her.
She obviously sits begrudgingly next to the bloody beast that can sit there until it rusts and the floor beneath it decays to where it plunges two stories to the basement floor where it will most likely remain for all eternity because I sure ain't giving it the time of day.

I'm not bitter, really. I should get rid of her, but I feel guilty even giving it to the Goodwill because by keeping it, I'm also preserving someone else's sanity.

Tomorrow is the elem. school fall festival at which I'm setting up a Keychains for a Cause booth. My dilema on if I should make keychains to bring that don't sell has been solved for me! I got an order today for 10 different key chains. I made those tonight and those along with the ones I was going to give the boy and girl's teachers are the ones I'll bring with me. If they sell, yea! and I'll make them again. If not, they go out in the afternoon mail on my way home. They're sold even if they don't sell. I'm nervous, but very excited as well.

The morning comes early...and it's going to be a cold one. Sweet sewing dreams.


  1. Hahaha, this post was funny. You can always post the poser machine as free on Freecycle. Put a disclaimer on it.

  2. Girl I can feel it in my bones... you are going to sell lots of keychains! :-)

    Have Fun!

  3. My MIL gave me my sewing machine. It works beautifully, but I really wish it had a button holer. I'm not enough of a sewer to actually buy a sewing machine myself, but it has come in handy over the years.

  4. I love it! It's nice to see the workhorse behind the keychain movement, and I bet that IS a good machine to keep putting out those thick keychains! Since I have decided to spruce up and work with my old machine,now I'm spending the morning pricing TIRES for my car... much less fun than contemplating a new sewing machine, but very necessary!

  5. nice. Mine looks more like the one sitting on your floor, though probably not the same. But I have gotten good use out of it. An embroidery one would be nice though! You should definitely give it away! Someone may find use for it, even if it is difficult!