Thursday, November 18, 2010

All Good Things...

Are the peas at their end? They completely fell over in the wind we had two nights ago. They're a jumbled mess even though they've been strung up for support.
However....they're still full of peas. I think I'll let them go through Thanksgiving. I bet I'll be able to get some for a little side dish or pre dinner snack and I'll be a happy gal. I'll go through and pick around Tuesday or Wednesday, I think, so they don't get too large and starchy.
Last year I didn't have hardly anything from the garden to put on the table, but this year I've got sweet potatoes that I'll marble with regular potatoes for a dish, peas, carrots and rosemary to season the turkey with. I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out.

I posted yesterday on the Keychains for a Cause page that I had a customer ask if my dislike of the Florida Gators was greater than my love for Relay for Life. My first instinct was, "Heck yeah!" but she was right. Relay won over and these got made last night:
I was thrilled today when my new University of Georgia ribbon came in. After having to wear a gas mask and gloves to make the FLA keychains last night, this was a relief. ;) I like the two UGA designs I already have, but this one is my favorite.
Also in the order was my Mississippi State ribbon, so I was able to finish a custom order.
So there you have it, sports fans. Keep us in mind for Christmas gifts!


  1. I'd keep limping those peas along, I think the winds have just been fierce - up here anyways! I'm hoping to start seeing pods over Thanksgiving!

  2. Congratulations on having a garden harvest for the T-Day table, that is wonderful!

  3. I bet the peas would be great in the TG green bean casserole. John

  4. Yummm...Thank you Sherilyn for the marbled potato dish recipe.

  5. Erin, I think you're right. I may just go out there tomorrow to make sure that they're not bent to where the stems crack.

    Kelly, Thanks! I just hope everyone else is okay with it.

    John, my sister-in-law's making the casserole, but I bet I can throw some out to eat as a before dinner snack.

    Yeah, Mom...about that...I'm going to be needing Sherilyn's recipe ;)