Sunday, November 14, 2010

O Garden, How Have I Forsaken Thee

I've been so busy with the keychains and the end of the semester that I've nearly forgotten there is a garden out back which is good and bad at the same time. It's good because I'm not tempted to pull every carrot out there and therefore just may have some still in the ground for Thanksgiving use and the peas are filling out nicely; as you can see, even though strung up for support, they're almost pulling down the trellis!
I ripped out the peppers and beans today and here's what I got off of the pepper plants and pea vines.
The decision is made. I won't bother with peas in the spring and only do a few carrots since they do soooooo much better in the fall and I'm not overly eager to pull them to make room for the summer veggies. The broccoli outside is just starting to show a head. I wonder if they'll grow large enough by Thanksgiving to use and cabbage worms or not, I'm thinking of finding out if those cabbages are salvageable. You can serve cabbage for Thanksgiving, right?

I was going to make a zucchini pie from the zucchini in the freezer, sweet mashed potatoes from the ones from the garden, carrots and peas as appetizers and if I can work the cabbage in there this will be one fantastic garden holiday!
The girl is becoming quite the fashionista. She's entered the "I'm getting dressed myself with blatant disregard for the seasons or original intended function of the clothing stage. She was adamant this is what she was going to wear on this 45 degree day:
And yes...those "shorts" aren't shorts at all, but a shirt she's thrown on upside down. Oh, and that tattoo is one she's had since Halloween. She holds it out of the bathtub so she doesn't get it wet, but some mean, soapy hand always manages to grab it and dunk it before we get out of the tub. I'm about to break out the baby oil when she goes to bed to get that sucker off.

This Saturday I took out a booth for Keychains for a Cause at another elementary school fall festival and did better than the first one I did, so that makes me very happy! The large youth group order is finished, packed up and ready to ship, although I forgot to take a picture before I packed it up.
Here is a few that I made for someone. Thank goodness there's some red and black to bust up all of that yellow. ;)
My collegiate ribbon is in although not listed on the website. Email with inquiries.

The morning comes early....even when the kids play outside for five hours and fall asleep dead tired, they STILL wake up early. Is nothing sacred!?


  1. I've have coleslaw for Thanksgiving. It is a harvest holiday so any harvest ought to be appropriate.

    My kids loved to wear shorts in cold weather when they were young. Now they never wear them.

  2. haha! Finn still has a tattoo also! I am serving the first of the broccoli tonight, uninvited guests and all LOL! I'm thinking along the same lines as you on the peas, I'm in such a hurry to get them out in the spring, but as long as I don't plant them too late, they are better in the fall! You ARE a keychain factory, kudos to your machine, too!

  3. Daphne, you're right on. Anyone who complains about cabbage for Thanksgiving can have sour puss pie for dessert.

    Erin, can I be seriously happy here? This weekend alone, which does include the large order, we sold over $460 of keychains!!!!!! I'm so happy with the way it's going. I only hope it stays this promising!

  4. Wow, that is such a nice harvest of peas and peppers. You pea plants are giant!! Very nice.

  5. Your peas have done amazing. Mine didn't get past 1 foot this fall.

    Love the yellow, white and black key chain.