Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Fall Festival is Over...

...and I am sunburned!

It was fridged cold with the wind whipping and highs in the low 50's if that, but my booth faced right to the sun and I've now got the fancy raccoon eyes to go with my sunburn. This being my first fall festival, I really didn't know what to expect. I suppose I wound up doing better than I thought, but not as good as I would have wished, if that makes sense. I only sold three off of the table, but I got a few special orders and handed out a lot of business cards, so hopefully those people will come back. Most seemed very excited about using them as teacher's gifts, stocking stuffers or gifts for those people who you always want to give gifts to, but usually wind up spending far more than you'd like to.
This here is one of the orders I took today. I'd never made one up with the leopard print or green polkadots before, and I really like the way they turned out.

Will I do another festival? I don't know. The woman at the fancy watch and jewlery booth next to me said she was surprised that she didn't sell a single watch since she usually sells a lot, but it was just too cold and people weren't in the mood to loiter and shop.

There's another fall festival next week at which I've been invited to share a booth, and I may just do it, but at the same time I'll keep my fingers crossed that some of the people that took the cards will pop on over and order some as well.

Anyway, thanks for humoring me. The morning comes early, or actually a little later tomorrow for those of you without children who act as human alarm clocks regardless of what the digital clock says. Sweet dreams, my friends. Sweet dreams.


  1. Thanks, meemsnyc!
    I have to admit, I just guiltily bought 60 dollars of colleg ribbon to use for keychains. I thought of people who could use each team...I couldn't stop!!!

  2. I used my extra hour to clean my windows and shutters instead of sleeping LOL but at least now it's done.

    Not sure if many teens buy your keychains, but what about pink FUR or the like attached? LOL, just seems like something teenage girls would like hahaha

  3. I've actually looked at the fur, but it's in a width that's too wide for me.

    Actually, I had a "sale" part up where I had the 'designs' my 3 yr old daughter demanded with pink stripes and dots etc. I thought they were hideous, but those were the ones I sold the most of!!

    I had a monkey print on some hot pink webbing that this poor girl whose mom was at the booth next door kept coming over to oogle All Day Long. I told her to ask her mommy if she could have it for being so nice and polite all day long. You should have seen her face. She was just thrilled and so was I.