Monday, November 1, 2010

Gifts and a Request

A long time friend, but sadly, one we see far too infrequently, has done an amazing thing for Keychains for a Cause. She had some left over ribbon from craft projects that she offered to send me. I was thrilled. I received the package today and was just overwhelmed by her kindness, for not only was there the bag of random lengths of ribbon,

but laying on top of that bag were oodles and oodles of full spools of ribbon.
Some designs I've been drooling over for ages and just never have bought. I especially love both the brown and black cow patterns for she and I share a certain affinity for that lovely beast.

What makes everything infinitely more wonderful was in the bag of ribbon was the dark, dark blue ribbon I had been needing to complete the Auburn keychain order I got in this weekend.
Something told me not to go out to buy that ribbon! Thank you, Suzanna. You've done a wonderful thing and we'll most certainly put the ribbon to fantastic use. I'll try to get some of it on the website as soon as possible, knowing that it will never all fit on there. It's that fantastic.

Now for the favor.....the boy has started a blog. This is a labor of love, and I stress 'labor' for in learning how to type I had to assure 'Duck' that there was indeed a 'p' on the keyboard. Duck has grown up watching me blog and doesn't particularly like my blog name, so in a response fitting my gender I said, "When you get your own blog, you can name it whatever you want," which prompted the response, "Well...can I have a blog?"

It's my hope that blogging will aid him with his communication skills, written expression and spelling, for blogging can be a fantastic teaching platform. He's typing it all by himself and may not catch his mistakes. He knows many of you, Granny and your puppies and magnificent harvests, EG and your films of Jude, Stefaneener and your sweet, sweet honey, Kate and Crew for your dancing chickens and Erin and your kids who are so much like him. and he'd just have a duck to hear you respond to him with words of encouragement. This may last five days or five months, but I'm happy with whatever he'll learn from it. So, check out the boy at The World, By Duck and fill out his poll to let him know what to write about tomorrow!

The morning comes early, and that's a sure thing since the boy's going to be chomping to get on the computer to write his next post. Sweet gardening and blogging dreams.


  1. Keep him away from mine; I can imagine the questions now.

    "Mummy, why is sodomy with a goat better than weeding, and do one-eyed women really burn one out of every pair of your socks if they hear you refering to them as cyclops?"?

  2. IG, I've so already thought of that. He loves to read blogs over my shoulder and I've had to quickly click off yours numerous times. So far as far as we've gotten is, "Mommy, is that a bad man? He said a bad word and it's the biggest word on the page." I said the term "bad" was subjective. Thank goodness he left it at that.

  3. Oh my! Truly uncanny - Loch has been pestering me to have a blog for awhile now LOL! I will make sure to visit and I bet Loch will want to be a follower for sure! What a great way to improve literacy by combining technology, social interaction, etc - yay Mama!

  4. Erin, I was wondering what you'd think. Have Loch start one and the boys can comment for each other. I think it would be great for them to see other kids their age learning like they are. It's pretty painful watching him search for letters, but he's asking good questions and wading through it.

    I don't know how long it will keep his attention, but he's having fun with it now.

    Actually, he's been gloating all morning that he's got more comments than I do! ;)