Monday, December 6, 2010

Laws of Physics and Cabbages

I honestly don't know where all of the time has gone. Let yourself get out of your routine for a day and it turns into two and then, before you know it, it's been ten days since you've even stepped foot in the garden or looked at yours or any blog. November and December are always busy with the end of the semester and final exams, but I must admit I've been sidetracked by a gift.

For the holidays this year the man gave me a NookColor which is Barns and Noble's answer to the Kindle. I just love, love, love it. Yes, the screen is backlit so it's not that lovely e-ink screen, but it did allow me to read in the complete dark while I was waiting for my kids and their cousins to go to sleep since they wouldn't stop talking once I'd leave the room. Honestly, I'm in heaven. I can rent books from the library (something a K. can't do) and I'm finding all sorts of new authors on sites that offer self published books for downloading let alone all of the classics I need to keep up with. Yes, the battery life is negligible in comparison to the other e-readers, but if I remember to charge it over night I'm good. So I've been reading. A lot. I've honestly sat down a few times to do this post and walked away and started reading on the Nook. Thanks, Man!

I do have some posts lined up for this week. I did more canning lessons today at school which I'll post about tomorrow, but I did have to pop on here to show you that the laws of physics can be continually broken by one, singular dog. Every so often we walk by Gibson and just ponder how he gets his body in the positions he does. Yes, he's on the couch here and he knows he's busted, but does he get his back leg over his head?
Maybe I'll start a study on the odd positions we find this dog in. Yesterday he was sleeping with his tongue just popping out and tonight he's snoring because he's got his nose wedged in between his paws and can't breathe but is too stinkin' lazy to move.

In spite of my negligence, the garden is really doing well. The cabbages that were all but destroyed have headed up nicely.
I pondered earlier about eating them since I knew there HAD to be cabbage worms in there just by the sheer amount of holes in the leaves and the poop that I found, but I let them grow anyway and harvested two of them yesterday for dinner. As I cut them to cook, I inspected every fold there was and no cabbage worms or poop was found. Woohoo!! They were so, so, so good. I've still got three out there. Hopefully I'll have as good of luck with them.
This is one of the heads and the last of the carrots we pulled up yesterday.
The other thing that's been keeping me busy is, of course, Keychains for a Cause. I tallied up what we've sold so far and were around 180 keychains sold since July which just makes me giddy. As your thinking of Christmas and holiday presents, keep us in mind for those little gifts you need to give people. We've done several custom colors and designs this last week which is always fun.
This order shipped to Indiana today. The fob was free with her order of 5 or more.
I still get a kick out of those monkeys!
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. That's one relaxed dog there! Your cabbage is very pretty, too. I was going to pick some kale before it got down to single digits, but that happened last night. I forgot to look to see what it looks like, but I'm guessing it's probably too late.

    Enjoy your other cabbages!

  2. Gibson must do yoga on the side to be that flexible. :) Those cabbages look just amazing!

  3. I thought I was the only one who has to sit on kids to make them go to sleep. Ha.

    Lovely cabbages, indeed. You're a veritable Mr. MacGregor (go download some Beatrix Potter for the reference!)

  4. Nice cabbages! For some reason, all my green cabbages got eaten this year, either be insects of larger critters, while the red cabbages, growing right next to them, were left alone.

    As for silly dogs - here is a blog post that discusses yoga for dogs :)

  5. That cabbage is just perfect! I know what you mean, I've had to make myself blog a few times because I either didn't have the energy or was too busy! I always feel better afterwards though. Our cold came early and my veggies weren't ready to be harvested yet, I'll go check today but I'm pretty sure everything is toast - it's been lows in the teens for the last 3 nights LOL

  6. The cabbages are gorgeous. I'm sure they tasted amazing as well. Our dog gets into odd positions as well, they don't look that flexible, but apparently they are.

  7. That head of cabbage looks beautiful! Not a hole in sight. It must have really rebounded. Just when you think all is lost....

    I hope you enjoyed it!