Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where to Begin.....

The peas are blooming everywhere! They're taller than me at the moment and the cold weather is coming on fast, but right now they're looking pretty good.
They're not giving me much at one time, but this helping along with the carrots from the garden. was enough to go in a baked potato soup I made last night. I also put some jalapenos and sausage in there which gave it a bit of a bite. It was yummy!

Yesterday, the kids had the day off of school. I love my children very much, but I know nobody will take offense to the fact that on occasion I do need to visit the restroom by myself. I hereby submit a petition to God or whomever that mothers be excused from bodily functions that require us to leave children unattended for even 45 seconds, for we inevitably come back to this:
It's simply not fair.
Then, this morning after third period I went to the restroom and caught a glance of myself in the mirror. I had put my lip liner on as eye liner and my eyeliner as lip liner. Boy was I a red-eyed sight. No wonder the kids kept asking me if I was okay!
Last month, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month I took out a few advertisements for Keychains for a Cause and they were successful enough that I thought to move advertising to another step with car magnets!
The came in a set of two, but it's too bad the man rides motorcycles to work and back. I'll most likely be using the second one as a stand in or prop when needed at craft shows.
Now that people are starting to think stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts, business is picking up and the extra advertising can't hurt. I've taken out a booth at our cluster's elem. school's fall festival and we got a tentative order in today for 50+ key fobs for a church youth group. I'm so very pleased with the support we're able to provide my school's Relay for Life team and I can't wait to see the check I can cut them in April and look forward to doing it year after year.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Getting your liners mixed up - that's priceless LOL! Your carrots turned out really nice! I didn't plant them this fall because I have so much trouble with them, "giving myself a carrot-free fall" hahaha

  2. Way to go with the keychains, your team is lucky to have you!!

    They eye/lip liner mix-up must have given you a chuckle.....ahhh, the things a tired woman can mix up. ;)

  3. Your carrots look super straight and LONG!

    I can't believe you got the liners mixed up. That's a picture that I would have loved to see! ;-)