Sunday, October 24, 2010

Support That Makes Me Giggle!!

Yesterday was a big, big day all around. For the first time in several years of trying, I harvested sugar snap peas! Not only were the peas good, but I had carrots also!! I made this little veggie dish to take to a baby shower yesterday and I was just giddy with excitement!
The peas were pretty difficult to find being that they had almost toppled over on themselves. I had to think of something quick since they're still flowering like crazy. I took some knitting yarn and wound it around and around the trellis, propping the pea vines up as I went until it looked like an odd loom, but it worked.
Well, see how long it lasts, but for now they have the support they need.
Keychains for a Cause has also been receiving a lot of support recently and it makes me so happy to know that what started out as a lark has been so well received. We've now not only got the original on-line store, but we've added one to the Facebook page, also. (Psst....go "like" the Keychains for a Cause page on Facebook and get a 10% discount when you order through our new Facebook store.)
This week we've filled several orders including this one for a set of soccer key fobs to be given to the players on a 5 yr old's soccer team to put on their book bags' zippers. What a cute idea!
Another customer had the same thought and bought this key fob to give to her girlfriend who is having a girl after a string of boys. She's set on using the same 'boy' diaper bag, so her friend thought a sparkle princess key fob to use as a pull tab on the zipper was just the thing the new baby needed.
When you do your holiday shopping, don't forget us! These wristlets and key fobs will make excellent gifts and stocking stuffers. All proceeds go to support The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.
The morning comes early. Sweet pea gardening dreams.


  1. Well good for you! I still have yet to have a successful carrot harvest - but will see if mine will over-winter. I bet the party-goers really liked the fresh vegetables.

  2. Nice veggie tray. I love snap peas. I have to try growing that next year.

  3. I am tempted by peas, but find myself battling the low output for space issue.

  4. Your peas have done much better than mine! I think I sowed them too close together this fall. And I really like how you trellised them.

  5. As this is the first year I've ever been pea successful, I'm pleased, but Idiot Gardner, you're most certainly right. That plate's pickings was the sole result of 18 sq ft. Luckily, I didn't have anything else to go in that spot so it was worth a shot.

  6. congrats on the peas! They are usually harder to get a fall crop but mine are over a foot tall, so I'm hoping! I wish the pods were "highway dept orange", that would be so much easier LOL