Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bye Bye Basil

After the pledging to the basil the other day, I didn't know how much more of it I could take. Then, like a sign, the garlic I ordered showed up in the mail. Some of the garlic has to go where the basil is, so the basil came out and the garlic went in.

Last year I planted soft neck and this year I seem to have gone all hard neck, so we'll see how it goes. I'm eager to see what these garlic scapes are all about! I've never seen cloves so large as the Russian Red. Those were impressive. I put some in a small 3x3 of the corner yard and the basil box (3x2) and then the left overs in the other corner yard where I'm hoping the rotten squirrels will leave them alone. That box doesn't get much sun in the fall, so we'll see how they perform out there.

I was going to put them out where the jalapenos and eggplants are, but those suckers just keep on churning out the goods, so they can stay for now.

It all had better be worth the while. UGA won, SC beat AL and now LSU is running over FLA. I'm half thinking the world is coming to an end. Thank goodness I've got on clean underwear.

Sent a Keychains for a Cause order out to Idaho this morning! All three are wristlet sized and represent a variety of causes including transitional cell cancer and Autism. The purple is indicative of so many causes including general cancer awareness, Crones, Fibromyalgia, Cystic Fibrosis and so much more. They should be there soon!

The morning comes early. Sweet garlic dreams. Take a breath mint to bed if it makes you feel better.


  1. I planted hard neck garlic too. I can barely wait until next year to see the results!

  2. Looking forward to hearing more about your garlic!

    I should plant some too!

  3. My garlic planting will have to wait a couple more weeks. I feel like I am getting behinder and behinder! Hope the hard-neck garlic works out well for you. I had pretty good luck with it this summer.

  4. I haven't gotten to planting my garlic yet. I will in the next few weeks. It usually gets put off until the end of October, but you never know. Pigs might fly.

  5. I really need to stop avoiding the garden and get out there today! i need to figure out where I'm putting my garlic this year!