Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Contest

I've already mentioned it, but now it's really fact. All though this summer I kept fawning over other's pictures of their bean harvests. Mine were curled, sparse, bug laden and generally non existent. It made me sad.

I had an extra trellis spot open in August and planted some more in a hail Mary attempt and sure enough, they've grown and now that the weather has gotten cooler....BAM! Green beans abound!
I honestly think it was the heat of June and July that did them in. Now the struggle is going to be rearranging my own planting tendencies to make sure I understand that just because "they" say I can plant beans in the spring, they really do better for me in the fall and if I want pretty, straight beans, I need to revamp my way of thought and go with what works for me, regardless of what the extension agency says. That's going to be the hard part, but look...they're straight and there's more than three of them at a time! They were even clustered together on the vine. I've never had bean clusters. Woohoo!

Keychains for a Cause is still going strong and we're still running the free shipping offer for October. We had another custom keychain order from a woman who's father had both bladder and kidney cancer so we made a keychain to reflect both colors. If you'd like colors that aren't on the website yet, please email me and we'll get them up right away.
I'm very sad to say her father lost his battle weekend before last, but now she uses her key chain as a way to garner attention for cancer research and honor her father's fight.

The morning comes early. Sweet green bean gardening dreams.


  1. Our beans are now coming in at a steady pace also! I am loving it too. Your harvest looks great.

  2. Yeah, the beans do much better after the peak of summer here, too. I may just have to plant the same time as you next year.

  3. What beautiful straight beans you got there, Ribbit! Maybe I should've also planted some late beans. My second and third plantings in June got all eaten up by the cucumber and bean beetles, and I didn't dare plant anymore. Perhaps I should have just waited until August like you did!

    You said trellis and August - does that mean these are pole beans you planted in August, and they are already producing these beautiful beans just 60+ days later?? I thought that pole beans generally took much longer than bush beans, but maybe I have some learnin' to do!

  4. Yes. I planted the pole beans sometime in very late July or early August, although I can't quite remember when. They're doing great and there's more out there I can pick tomorrow! The bush beans planted at the same time, however, have flowered, but aren't putting on weight like these are.