Monday, October 18, 2010

I've BeenSkunked!

I've been skunked! Well, not me exactly, the pole beans and the eggplants. The perfume of skunk is undeniable, unavoidable and wholly unbearable. We have full six foot fence around the yard and I've never seen a skunk anywhere in the vicinity before so there's no telling where he came from or how he got in, but he was here alright. He was here and was apparently offended by the eggplants and decided to give them a what-for.

The smell has dissipated a bit, but it's been highly entertaining trying to guess what in the world happened.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. There's nothing worse than that awful overpowering skunk smell!!!

    When we lived in MA. The skunks were so bad in the summertime! You'd just about die having the windows open!

    Sweet dreams Ribbit! The morning does come early!

  2. Oh no! That happened in my broccoli bed last year - yuck!!

  3. I am chuckling, because I am guessing that put a swift end to your green bean overage.

  4. Toni, we live by a chicken farm, so having the windows open is oppressive at times. Erin, it is disgusting, isn't it, but Kelly, as luck would have it, the beans are growing farther up the trellis now and were unoffected by the innitial spray! phew!

  5. I smelled that skunk the other morning! That was coming from your house??!!