Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Things are Coming Up!

I noticed today that some of the garlic is coming up! I took the lazy gardener's way out again this year and just planted the cloves as is. I was geared up to plant them the way Daphne does, but I couldn't find a moment to look it up, write it down and then perform the operation, so when the three minutes came my way when the sun was still mostly out, I took it and ran, for
I had until the girl realized she fell asleep at the dinner table to dash out there and stick the garlic in the ground.
So, the garlic went in, not as planned, but it still worked this way last year. The cloves may have been a bit on the smaller size last year and not as many may sprout this year, but they're planted. I wanted to get a picture of the sprouts, but it's been just yucky out there.
Another good thing is that today, alone, we had orders placed for 13 keychains! I was very excited. These five (and one free for ordering 4 or more) is going to Louisiana in the morning.

The morning comes early. It sure does, but try to make it to your bed if you can.


  1. I'm going to do mine the lazy way too! I've had them on my counter for a week but it's been raining, and I've been knitting! I'm exhausted tonight and feel like the girl LOL!

  2. I followed Daphne's instructions on planting my garlic and I can't wait to see what happens this spring with the plants. Congrats on the big keychain order!

  3. I must try garlic, because I use loads of the stuff. Would it grow in an old tin bath, I wonder? I grew leeks in it this year, but I think the lack of depth stilted their growth!

  4. I'm tempted to just put them in too, but no I keep waiting until I have time. Maybe tonight I'll start the process and plant tomorrow. I ought to get them in before the end of October.

  5. That's so sweet.

    I wonder if I'm too late for garlic this year. I'd love to have some again, but I think I missed the window completely.

  6. I need to get my garlic in, you beat me to it!