Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holy Cabbage

As I reevaluate the seasons in which I plant things, cabbage is on the list to be a one season crop. It seems like the cabbage worms are less prolific in the winter/early spring, quite unlike the compound that the worms have created out of my cabbage this fall.

Here's one of my cabbages just laden with holes.
This one's worse if you can judge by the amount of poop stuck down in there.

Good thing is....the cabbages are preoccupying the cabbage worms and they're staying out of the broccoli. I think I'll just leave the cabbages in as a sacrificial crop in hopes to keep the broccoli pest free.

A request was made for Keychains for a Cause to carry religious themed keychains, and the request has been honored. You can now find this pink and black cross design in both key fob and wristlet size. I made the promise to cut and resew the back side of the keychain so the cross would not appear upside down on half of the keychain.

If you've got a good link for additional religious themed ribbon, let me know. As well, if there is another cause or design you'd like to see us carry, shout it out!

The morning comes early. Hopefully they're as cabbage worm free as the broccoli.


  1. I think this is why I'm not rushing out to replant my broccolis, last year they had so much "stuff that doesn't belong there" in them they got trashed, and I know this year will be even worse!

  2. Ewwwww, worm poop in the cabbage. Yuk.

  3. Ugh, I have lots of that worm poop (along with the guilty cabbage worms) in my bok choy and other hardy greens. I know it's all part of the nature, but some parts of nature really is just plain gross.

  4. You should spray BT on those cabbages. It is safe to use and works really well.

  5. Well, poop.

    I cannot believe I haven't had any green crawlies or squirmies in my broccoli and cabbages for the past two years. Slugs galore, but no worms. Maybe, living so close to the Hanford Reservation, my irrigation water is radioactive and kills the buggers. I see cabbage moths flittering about, but they must be sterile. I hope.

    No tomato hornworms, either. What am I doing wrong? ;-)

  6. Bad bad worms. You should really potty train them so they don't make such a gross mess of the cabbage.

  7. As yucky as it all is, they're acting like a trap crop since the word has apparently gotten out about the buffet being all you can eat, so as long as it stays that way, those yucky things can stay and then off to the burn pit those cabbages will go.

    Daphne, do you know the money I could make if I could potty train worms? Fantastic.

    Go ahead, Granny, just rub it in and add some salt disolved in rubbing alchohol in that wound. Just because you'll have intermittant Internet service for the next few months doesn't mean you can turn nasty now. :)