Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween, Haircuts and Heresy

Things are gearing up for Halloween here, and all of the festivities will thankfully wind down soon. Yesterday at school, the kids had 'Book Character Day' so the boy wore his Luke Skywalker costume and the girl went as Snow White. They were just adorable.

The night before, this is how the girl was planning to go to school in the morning. She was emphatic, if nothing else, but I prevailed. Thank goodness for everyone involved.

When we got home we went straight to our neighbor's house and had a grand time carving pumpkins. The boy wanted his to have bolts like Frankenstein and the girl put a beaded pipe cleaner on the top of hers to dress it up. Both pumpkins exhibit the fact that I am not a master pumpkin carver, but they both have holes and light up when lit, so I call that a success.

Halloween this year is a bit of a mess since it falls on a Sunday. I don't know about y'all, but here in GA, people have ducks when Halloween falls on Sunday because it's sacrilegious and try to mandate that everyone go out trick-or-treating on Saturday, but what winds up happening is that some go on one day and some on the other and it turns into a big mess. What people need to understand around here is that when you hold children's Halloween parties right in the middle of the Georgia-Florida football game, THAT'S sacrilege.
No, this isn't a Halloween costume, but the Man actually did it! We've been talking about getting his head shaved for years and he came home yesterday with it finally done. I think it looks great!
Lastly, our Family and Consumer Sciences teacher ordered several keychains from Keychains for a Cause in custom colors to represent her friends' schools.
The fob in her right hand was free for ordering 5 or more. Thank you for supporting our Relay for Life Team, Ms. Miller!
The morning comes early. Have a safe and happy Halloween.


  1. OK the girl in her PJ's and swim wear to funny and cute!

    Love the pumpkins.

    The Man looks very handsome.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. The man needs a lollipop in his mouth while styling that Kojak look. Hehe...I have several friends that shave their heads too...He could dress up as Paul Schafer when taking the little ones trick or treating - all he needs is some dark shades...

  3. Thanks, Liisa!

    EG, I told him the same thing last night about the lollipop. I think it may be a bit tough to keep up, but he'll wind up liking it.

  4. The Saturday compromise cracks me up. If it's sacrilegious, don't do it at all -- if it's okay on Saturday, it's okay on Sunday. Sheesh. Baptists, I tell you. . .

    All haircuts look terrific.

  5. I have to say I really like the girl's choice of costume LOL I would have let her wear it :)

  6. So much going on since I was last there (wasn't that just last week?!?!)! Love the costume pics and love the costume that was not allowed to see the light of day. Tell the man he looks great.

    A pumpkin carving hint (if you don't have it already)- go to drugstore and pick up, on sale now, a pumpkin carving kit- they are usually some cheep looking plastic things attached to a book of patterns. Don't let looks fool you, the cheep looking plastic tools with the odd saw-looking things actually work really well- plus you'll have patterns for next year if wanted. Its what I used to carve my skull and crossbones pumpkin this year :)