Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Pledge Allegiance to the Garden....

Yeah, I don't get it either, but the girl has insisted this is the way it is. She has an affinity for dandelions and blowing their seeds directly over the garden beds. Today, each time she pulled a weed, she would say the Pledge, but not to the flag, to the garden. She's three and started three year old preschool this August so I'm assuming she learned the official Pledge there.

This was all well and good until she saw me cutting the basil and insisted I say the Pledge each time I snipped off a stem. It was a much longer process than I had anticipated.
After the first 16 times, I started cutting the branches lower and lower in hopes of speeding up the process. There's a teacher at school that promised me pesto if I cut her some more basil. I've never made it before, so I'm excited I got one more cutting out of this plant before the frost came. The way it grows, I may even get one more.

Today I'm putting up some more black and white ribbon for the Keychains for a Cause.
I think it's a bit classier than say....the monkeys. Although those really are fun.

The morning comes early. Sweet garden pledging dreams.


  1. Never a dull moment with The Girl, huh?

    Alicyn actually put four words together this week. From "Two little monkeys jumping on the bed" we got ...Two. Keys. Jump. Bed.

    It's a start ;-) Much better than her previous.... Kiss. Butt.

  2. Fantastic, Granny! They are hysterical. I picked the girl up at school today and another kid volunteered that his mother needed to loose weight because she drank too much coffee and smoked. The things they pick up!

  3. I'd pledge allegiance to my garden too, but not every time I cut something. I'd never get out of the garden. I miss having kids in the garden.

  4. wow, i keep seeing that pattern all over the place. sometimes black and white and sometime red and white.

    The wife and i went to a play a while back and we were talking to a woman with a coat with that pattern. She loved it... until i told her that my Grampa bought 20 rickety chairs for $5 with that same pattern... about 35 years ago. :)

  5. oh my, it's going to be a looooooong harvest season come summer!

  6. Hi Ribbit,

    If you like Basil Pesto, I have a simple recipe at the bottom of my blog that you might find of interest.

    Have a wonderful weekend.