Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peek-a-Boo -- Garden Style

Early morning, when the sun is just peaking over the fence line, is my favorite part of the day. I love it because of the early morning sounds, smells, and solitude it brings. I also love the way the garden leaves are illuminated like these bean leaves on the trellis.

The zucchini leaves are also bright!

This is a great time to scout out the undersides of the leaves for any unwanted squash bug eggs because all unwanted critters stand out like this guy on the upper right:
I get closer to him and he starts to look familiar.....
Peek-a-boo, Mr. Fly. I see you!
All that being said, this is how I check the undersides of my leaves, especially the squash and zucchini plants daily, but for some reason I seemed to have missed a cluster of squash bug eggs on this very same plant this morning because when I came home today I saw a battalion of little squash bugs on this same plant photographed above. I think I got them all, but I can't be sure. I've got my fingers crossed!


  1. This is my favorite view of the peas in winter, too. They just glow. Good use of the pretty, here.

  2. I hope you got all the unwanted pests!

  3. Cabbage worms are bad enough, squash bugs sound worse. I hope I don't get too creeped out by my first encounter.

    It's amazing how much is involved in maintaining a healthy garden. One moment you're crawling on the ground inspecting the underside of plants and then the next you're chasing after rabbits with a stick (or at least I do).

  4. I hope so, too, Kelly!

    Stefaneener, those are beans. I wish, wish, wish I could grow peas. I've never been successful, but I'll give them a shot againthis year.

    Hence the need for Benny Hill music, Thomas. You don't look half so crazed to the neighbors. Or maybe that's why we buy their silence with extra produce....

  5. Great way to find the bugs! I'll shoot a video sometime on how I look for mine.

  6. Very nice! I would lay out in the grass to peak under the leaves but it's pretty wet right now...but I took a few peeks. Watching for those darn squash bugs! And SVB moths!

  7. That's so funny, because I too am picturing Benny Hill music as Thomas runs around with a big stick protecting his "perimeter" LOL! Great photos