Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Bee's Knees and I'm Seeing Red

The bees have finally shown up to the party. So far, I've been having to pollinate every zucchini myself. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but before yesterday I hadn't seen a single bee besides one lone bumble bee who started working on the cucumbers tirelessly last week.

Yesterday I went out to hand pollinate some more zucchini that I knew were going to be flowering and when I picked a male flower I realized the pollen was all but gone. Then, I saw this little booger and two of his friends flying about, in and out of flowers.

I went back inside and decided to trust in the bee. Have faith in the bee to do his job. He'd better, too, because for the first time this summer, look what opened (I know it's a bad picture): So, I'm happy and hopefully I'll have some squash soon. Other than that, look at what else is going on in the garden:
These are on the plant that has over 40 little tomatoes on them I picked the two red ones today and they both fit in one hand. They're small, and I'm wondering if that's because the plant is taxed with so much fruit, but all of them on this plant are about the same size. The plant is supposed to be a Cherokee Purple, but it looks like I may have gotten my seeds mixed up. I started Cherokee Purple, Brandywine (obviously not that kind), Beefmaster and Black Cherry. I'm supposing this has to be the beefmaster, but they're tiny for that as well. Who knows! I bet they'll taste good regardless.


  1. It seems that bees are slow to show up this year, because not many have been around here, either. Wow, I can't believe you've already got ripe tomatoes. It's gonna be at least 2-3 weeks before mine are ready.

  2. We have bees here. I am always concerned due to the bee problems nationwide.

    Those tomatoes look delicious!!

  3. We are lucky to have plenty of bees here, too. Good job on your bees giving you a break and pollinating! Your tomatoes look healthy, congrats and you will be enjoying them any day now!

  4. If you're getting tomatoes now than I'm guessing that we will too in a month or so! Very exciting!

    I hand pollinated my first female zucchini flower this morning. The bees are nowhere to be found! I'm gonna hand pollinate my cukes too have the little unpollinated fruits have been falling off.